Bios of former bloggers

Here you can read about our former bloggers!

Bloggers 2016

Emy´s introduction

My name is Emy and I’m from France. I came for the first time in Göteborg in 2013 to do my exchange year and, I have to be honest with you, I literally fell in love with the city and the country ! It was hard to leave, but you know what ? Here I am again ! This time, to do my whole Master in Molecular Biology. So excited =).

During my free time, I’m also part of the Göteborg International Student Association (GISA) which welcome and help the new international students and organize events for them. And I love it =).

Beside my studies and GISA’s activities, I like to have long walks in this city, often with my camera and nice people to guide. At least when I’m not traveling all over the places to see the world and meet new amazing people.

If you don’t see me outside, have a look in a café or in a kitchen. I’m a food lover and I enjoy as much cooking than eating, as much teaching a recipe than learning a new one.

If you are one too, trust me Sweden is full of amazing pastries and “fika” will soon be your favorite word. But there is also lot of occasions to share your own “food culture” with students from all over the world.

I’m also fascinated by languages and would like to speak so many of them, but I should first work on my Swedish :p.

Two years ago, Sweden became my home and this is now the place I call “hemma”. I’m glad to have now this chance to share with you the passion I have for the life here. I wish you to enjoy your stay in Sweden and why not fall in love… Vi ses snart (See you soon )

Let us introduce Mercè, from Spain, who cannot wait to share her study experience with everyone

Merce student blogger
My name is Mercè and I come from Spain. I am a Master student in the University of Gothenburg, studying Molecular Biology and focused in bioinformatics. I have already been one year in this city and I have been in love with Gothenburg since my first month here! I really want to start sharing what it is to live here, because if you are still not studying here, you will get convinced to come!
One year is not enough to experience all the amazing things that this city has to offer: its people, its traditions, its curiosities, its everyday life… and its weather, of course! I still think that there are thousands of things to live, plenty of people to meet, a lot of discoveries to come… And I want to share it with you! With every student in Gothenburg, and with all the people that is thinking on coming to Sweden to study.
Stay tuned for Mercè ‘s blog posts!



Meet Tessa – a foodie, a reader and a world traveller

Hejsan! This is Tessa, representing Hong Kong and the UK as Student Ambassador at GU. Currently, I’m taking Master level courses in Political Science and English Literature alongside my Swedish and Russian language studies.

I’ve spent much of my time in Sweden in the past year as a postgraduate student, during which I frequented Gothenburg as a tourist and a semi-resident. It was then that I fell hopelessly in love with the Swedish baked goods and the country’s spectacular nature. I hope to spread the love, and share my insights and tips here with you.

Welcome to GU!


Meet Majo from Bolivia who visited Sweden in 2013 on exchange, got hooked and came back!

BIO My name is María José Velasquez (Majo) and I come from Bolivia, located in the heart of South America. I’m a Sociologist and a Graphic Designer and now I’m studying in the Master programme of Global Studies in Gothenburg University. Shortly after finishing an exchange programme in Gothenburg I’m extremely excited to come back to this wonderful city. I already miss the forest and the fika!

My experience in Gothenburg started with me not knowing how to use the tram (in winter!) till making lifelong relationships with friends. I just can say that as a Latin American person I had to overcome a lot of challenges to get adjusted to this new life in the city that I call my second home. It’s been wonderful till now and it is just the beginning! Let me share with you all the experiences of a student that is more than happy to be back!

JakubJakub studied Design. He heard about the design school at University of Gothenburg, HDK, when he was an exchange student in Finland and it felt like a good place to go for further education. So he did and claims that he never regretted his decision ever since!



Bloggers 2014

DivyaDivya a speaker from genes, a nomad by choice and a foodie by taste buds. She moved from India to Sweden and adores the place. A management student at the School of Business, Economics and Law and a blogger by heart. Winner of the University’s blogger competition, 2014.
Read her posts






picNaza came from tropical Costa Rica all the way to Gothenburg. She came to pursue a dream and getting a master degree in Molecular Biology. She chose Gothenburg because our renown university and Sahlgrenska Academy, a pioneer in research and one of the largest hospitals in Europe. Read her posts as she explores Gothenburg and Europe for the first time.
Read her posts





FotografiaLucia originally from Slovakia moved to Gothenburg after a few years living and studying Marketing and Design in the North of England. Here she studied Business & Design, a unique Master’s Programme at HDK, School of Design and Crafts at University of Gothenburg. Read her posts about traveling around, visiting various design events, embracing the fika tradition in the little streets of Haga, cooking Swedish food, dancing the night away on weekends with her ‘International family’ and exploring her neighborhood Majorna. Read her posts





imageFraser the Scottish Tuba player who attended a unique programme, the Swedish National Orchestra Academy. The programme is run in conjunction with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and the Gothenburg Opera.
Read his posts







annaAnna from Vienna spent a semester in Gothenburg as an exchange student. During her time she filled our Instagram account with lovely pictures, which she also posted here.
See her photos







Bloggers Autumn 2012 and Spring 2013

Pavel_Rodin-blogpicPavel came from Russia to Gothenburg to study the Master’s Programme in Communication. During his studies he got involved in many student activities like Göta Student Union. He is now employed by the University.
Read his posts







IMG_5143Devin from Florida, the former Erasmus student who came back to Sweden for love and to study Human Resources at the University of Gothenburg.
Read her posts







XinyuXinyu, the product and interaction designer from China studied at the Master’s Programme of Design at HDK, University of Gothenburg. During the autumn semester she did an internship in Stockholm,  Sweden’s capital.
Read her posts



Bloggers Autumn 2012


Juan Pedro from Spain had his “Erasmus Experience” in Gothenburg. During his time in Sweden he made tons of friends and traveled a lot. He also got the chance to study creative marketing, costumer satisfaction etc. and along the way he improved his English and picked up some Swedish. Read his posts




Lauren, the bio engineering student came to Gothenburg in 2012, in order to work in the lab of Dr. Gunnar C. Hansson. There they study cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease, she was diagnosed with at three months of age. During her first semester, she had the opportunity to visit Stockholm and attend the Nobel Award Ceremony.
Read her posts





Bloggers Autumn 2011-Spring 2012

Jelena from Lithuania started blogging when she was new at the Master’s Programme in European Studies. In the future Jelena hoped to get employment within one of the many European Institutions.
Read her posts







Kseniya from Ukraine was in her final year at the School of Business, Economics and Law, when she started blogging. This travel-loving girl will now take on the world with a M.Sc. degree in International Business and Trade, in her bag.
Read her posts







Nena from Macedonia had lived in Gothenburg for 4 years, when she started blogging. She studied Software Engineering and Management at the IT faculty. She was also involved in Göta Studentkår.
Read her posts

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