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In this blog you will hear the voices of our students. Here is a presentation of our current bloggers!

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Rea´s introduction

Hello everyone!20141219_164541

My name is Rea and I am from Greece. I am a master student in the University of Gothenburg, studying Social Work and Human Rights. This is my second year in Sweden and in Gothenburg in particular. After spending a year and a half in this amazing city, I have so many experiences and thoughts I want to share with you!

My journey in Sweden started in August 2014 when I first landed in Landvetter Airport. I still remember the very first time when I stepped out of the plane and the cold Swedish breeze together with the rain started falling on my face. I thought what a nice welcome! Now, a year later I can say for fact that this city has offered me some of the best experiences in my life. During this time, i met some lifetime friends, had lot of unforgettable moments and faced new challenges that helped me become stronger. The weather still I am trying to get used of, but I think that since now I feel this city as my second home, it doesn’t bother me that much.

Hope that by sharing my thoughts with you, I may help you to discovert all these great things that student life and the city of Gothenburg can offer you!

Ameera’s introduction

My name is Ameera and I am an international kid. I am a first year Software Engineering and Management student at the University of Gothenburg. Besides IT, I am very interested in languages, culture, cooking, art and nature.

I moved to Sweden from Dubai and everyday has been a wonderful adventure so far. I am meeting wonderful people and fall in love with Gothenburg and Sweden more and more everyday. So I cannot wait to share with you all the different places, hidden treasures and social activities I am up to while being a student at GU! In addition, I hope to be able to answer any questions you have about what it is like to apply, live and study in Gothenburg!


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