It has been a while since it was raining in Gothenburg and so it feels kind of strange to be back in this weather. The good news though ,according to the forecast,  is that it won’t last long and soon we will have sunny days again!

And while waiting for the sun to be back in town I thought I can write about another place that you can go swimming when the summer is here again. This time I will write about Askimbadet beach.

Askimbadet is a nice sandy beach with large areas of sand and grass where you can relax, sunbath, have a picnic, play some beach volley or something similar, read a book, listen to some music or any other activity you prefer. There is also a big pier which divides the beach in two sunbathing areas and where a lot of people use to hang out, listen to music and jump in the ocean.

The water in Askimbadet is shallow which means that you have some meters to walk until you feel ready to dip yourself in! However from my recent experience there, the water is warm enough even for the most unconfident ones to jump in the cold ocean (including myself).In the surrounding area you can find cafes, food, bbq spaces, as well as toilets and changing rooms.

Askimbadet is located close to the city and it doesn’t take long to get there. The easiest way is to take the bus ROSA from Marklandsgatan and in 8 minutes you will be there! The bus stop where you get off is “Askimbadet” and from there is just 5 minutes walking distance to reach the beach.


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