I think that this has been one of the best Mays I have ever experienced since I moved in Gothenburg! The weather has been amazing for the entire month and I am sure that all of you finally enjoy all the outdoor activities that this beautiful city has to offer.

So on this post I thought I write about another lake that I recently visited, the Kåsjön.
Stora Kåsjön is a lake in Partille municipality in Västergötland and is part of Göta älvs main catchment area. The lake is 32 meters deep, has an area of 1.02 square kilometers and is 109.1 meters above sea level. Kåsjön is Partille municipality’s largest lake and is also the municipality’s drinking water. The name Kåsjön is a contemporary abbreviation of Kåres. Kåsjön is divided into three parts: Stora Kåsjön in the East, Lilla Kåsjön West and Kåtjärn furthest West. The western parts are more nutritious than the eastern part, which you can see in the vegetation and the flora of the lake.

As all the lakes in Gothenburg Kåsjön is a very nice place to go swimming or have a picnic, take a walk, or a bike-ride or just relax and enjoy the sun and the nature. There are many nice spots all around Kåsjön and if you don’t want to be out in the sun for very long you can just lay in the shade under one of the many trees that surrounds the lake.

The easiest way to get to Kåsjön is by bus. You can take the 513 with direction to Partille Centrum from Korsvägen and you ll be there in about 30-35 minutes. Another way is to go by bike but that might take a bit longer or if you have a car then in about 20 minutes you are there!

So don’t miss the chance to visit Kåsjön and of course to enjoy the summer days in our lovely Gothenburg!


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