#In the summer time when the weather is fine#

We are officially in the summer time! The weather has been really nice lately and it seems that we have left behind all those below 10 degrees, days. All trees are green again, all flowers blossom and the city is in its summer mood! So don’t miss to get every opportunity you have and enjoy the warm and sunny days because in Sweden you never know how long this is going to last. Forget about laundry and other excuses and find some time to spend outside and enjoy this beautiful city!

Here are some ideas:

-Barbeque at the park
It is so common for people here to grill at the parks whenever the weather is nice. You have so many places to choose from. So the only thing you need to do is to gather your friends and enjoy a good meal some place nice with the trees and flowers around.

-Take a walk at the lake
One of the really nice things about Gothenburg is that is so close to the nature. In a very short time you can find yourself enjoying the sun in one of the many lakes or forests nearby the city. You can relax under the sun, have some lunch, chill and read a book or listen to music and if you are brave enough even swim!

-Eat ice cream at Stenpiren
If you haven’t already been to Stenpiren I totally recommend that you do it. Is one of the very central spots in town where you are next to the water and is perfect for an afternoon walk or for a later evening since the days are so long now. Best tip, buy an ice cream and relax in one of those nice sun loungers next to the ferry stop.

-Have an over view of the city
Another nice idea is to go up to one of the hills of the town and spend a nice evening with friends. Some snacks and beverages, nice music and good company is all you need for a good evening and enjoy Gothenburg from high up!

-Visit the islands
That is also a must now that the weather is getting so nice. Just take the tram 11 all the way to Saltholmen and then jump in one of the ferries and go to an island of your preference. All of them are nice and very easy to go and the ferry ticket is included in the monthly transportation card that you probably have so no need to spend extra money for that!

Whatever you choose to do enjoy the sun and the nice weather and lets hope that the summer is going to last long this time!

2 thoughts on “#In the summer time when the weather is fine#

  1. Hi Juliana,
    Congratulations on your admission and being on of the chosen recipients for the SI Scholarship! Hope you are excited to make your move to Gothenburg, very soon. Regarding becoming a blogger, we will paus this blog, in favour of making content on our Snapchat and Instagram account. Please keep an eye open for postings about ambassador assignments on the Studentportal and on our Facebook page! Best Martina, Communications Officer at the University of Gothenburg

  2. Hej hej!

    This is Juliana from Colombia, and I am a proud, happy (and still in shock!) recipient of the Swedish Institute Scholarship.

    After receiving the best e-mail of my life, I am now making plans to move to Göteborg in a couple of months, to begin my Master in Communication at Göteborgs Universitet.

    In this research process before my arrival, I am finding your Letters From Gothenburg blog truly helpful, as it is a fun and easy to navigate way to get a glimpse of life in Gothenburg as a student, a period of my personal journey which I cannot wait to begin!

    Because of that, I would like to humbly ask how I can postulate myself to be considered as one of your bloggers, and be part of this amazing team of inspiring people that convinced me, with their fresh and fun to read posts, to try for this University to continue my education and change my world view in the home of innovation, sustainability, diversity and specially, creativity.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Tack tack!

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