Have you started preparing yourself for the spring?

I know that the weather doesn’t really help us to realize it but we are officially in the beginning of spring. And even though there is still a lot of snow everywhere I am sure that the spring will find the way to Gothenburg, hopefully soon!
So while we are waiting for that to happen, I thought that it would be nice to write about some small stuff we could all do to make ourselves feel better and prepare for the upcoming spring days.

Yes exercise is the key for a happy life since it help us maintain a good physical and mental health. And even though in the winter it is just hard sometimes to get out of the house and go to the gym or do some physical exercise, when days will get better that is probably going to change. So get the chance and start working out now, so that you have some time to catch up and be already in shape when spring days will be here!

-Find new activities
It might be a voluntary work somewhere, a dance class that you want to attend, learn a new language or anything that you have been thinking during the winter. Soon the days will be longer and longer and hopefully the weather will get better and so it will be good to have already started with some new activity that you will keep you going during the spring!

-Renew your wardrobe
There is no need to spend a lot of money for buying new clothes. Just some small changes, like a colorful outfit will renew your wardrobe and your mood and get you in the spring vibe. And of course it is a good chance to see which clothes you never really use and maybe donate then somewhere so someone else will get the chance to use them!

-Prepare for the summer
Being busy with studies and all the daily routine, we don’t actually realize it but the summer is not that far away. And since for most of the international students the biggest part of the summer is free from courses, this is a good time to make some plans for that time and why not for your summer vacation. Maybe now is a good time to look on tickets for your travel back home or to organize a trip you want to do during those months. And for those of you who will stay in Gothenburg maybe you could check out activities you would like to attend such as music concerts etc, or why not search for some summer job that will provide you an extra income and boost your student budget!

So prepare yourself for the spring and hopefully it will come faster than we think!

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