Time to explore Gothenburg!

We are almost in the middle of September and that means that all the international students have arrived in the city and all the courses now must have started. For some of you this is your return to the city after the summer holidays to continue with your studies. But for many others these are your first weeks here in our lovely Gothenburg. And I am sure that you have already started to explore the city and that you already know many of the nice corners that this city has and so on this post I thought it would be nice to give you some extra info regarding some of the best sights that you should see. And all of them are located close to each other so you can easily walk from one place to the other!

We’ll start our little trip from Korsvägen. Lots of places to see and visit there. The Liseberg amusement park, the Svenska Mässan ( a building where several conferences, exhibitions and so on are taking place throughout the year), the Museum of World Culture and the Universeum. In this blog you can find previous posts about each one of this place so you get to know more.

Second destination is Götaplatsen. It takes less than 15 minutes to walk there from Korsvägen. There, on the top of the Avenyn main street ,you can have a look on Poseidon’s statue or visit the Gothenburg Museum of Art, the Gothenburg Concert Hall and a few meters away the City Library.

To continue with our trip you can keep walking on Avenyn and in a few minutes you will be at Valand. At the crossroad of Valand and Avenyn if you go to the left you will find yourself walking in this beautiful street with long trees, cozy cafes and interesting buildings surrounding you. At some point next to Vasaplasten, you will see the old building of Gothenburg University and if you keep walking you will then come across the Social sciences Library and Handelshögskolan. There, behind the library you will find Hagakyrkan and a small park where you can seat for a while to rest.

In one minute distance from there starts the famous Haga Nygata. It is a paved street where you will find plenty beautiful cafes to enjoy a fika ( I guess you have already heard about this term)or to have lunch, as well as many shops for food products, clothes, souvenirs and many more. Although it is a very touristic street it still remains very cozy and unique.

At the end of this street if you go to the right you will then meet Järntorget. Another big square where you will be a lot I suppose. And that is why this place is close to a lot of places where most of the international students usually go. One of these places is Andralångatan. This is a long street which starts from Järntorget and where you will find many bars and pubs with more student friendly prices, happy hours and lots of events.

If it’s not already late you can skip the pubs for the evening and continue your walk. Our next destination, very close to Järntorget is the Fish Market Hall, well known as Feskekörka. This famous building has designed by the city architect Viktor von Gegerfelt and it resembles a church although it is actually a fish market.

From there you can walk again to the main street (the one that continues after Avenyn) in a few minutes. If you take this street with direction to the harbor, you will then find the Göteborg Opera house. The building itself is worth to visit but of course there are several of events taking place there, some of which are free for students or for the general public. You can visit their web page for more info or ask someone on their information desk.

I guess so far you have a small overview of some of the nice sights that this city can offer. Of course I can continue write places where you can go, since this city has literally so many things to see and do. But I think that I will stop here for now. We will have lots of opportunities to talk more about our beautiful Gothenburg and where to go and what to see in later posts.

For now enjoy your walk and of course welcome to Gothenburg!


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