Welcome ’17

Hello everyone!

Hope you’re as excited as I am to either arrive or get back to Gothenburg! Whether you’re coming for an exchange semester or a full program, you’ll hopefully have enough time to understand why Gothenburg is such a great university city.

Starting out with settling into your new city, University of Gothenburg has a great welcome program that you can find here. Student Göteborg is also worth checking out.

Arrival days are the 19th and 22rd of August. The Welcome Day is on the 23rd, which takes place at Draken, a beautiful old cinema. You can also contact student buddies to get more info or join different activities.

There are tons of Facebook groups to be found and joined, these include housing groups, course literature groups and the group for the course where you’d be able to meet your classmates and ask/answer general queries. Try searching your program acronym and year.

Gothenburg is a wet and rainy city, so don’t forget your raincoat and rain boots! They are crucial.

Another tip would be to join the Swedish classes the university offers. They come in four different levels ranging from beginner to intermediate. I had a really nice experience there last year meeting great people from all over the world and learning so much more about Swedish culture 🙂

Finally, make sure to follow the university on Instagram and Snapchat. Its a great way to get inspired and follow students as they take you around their days.

  • Instagram: universityofgothenburg
  • Snapchat: uniofgothenburg

And if you have any questions about the welcome program, feel free to contact welcomeprogramme@gu.se.


Good luck!

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