West Pride 2017

“We are happy to welcome you to an open and tolerant city with focus on everyone’s equal rights”

If you google “LGBTQ Gothenburg”, this is one of the first search results you will get from the goteborg.com website. And that really is the Swedish spirit and attitude. Sweden is a country where equality is valued and discriminatory behaviour is not tolerated. Instead an inclusive environment filled with creative individual expression is found, which I feel is a huge contributor to the relaxed, peaceful vibe Gothenburg offers.

If you are still in Sweden, then West Pride is something worth checking out! This will be the 10th year Gothenburg celebrates West Pride and throughout the city you will find the beautiful rainbow flags waving, adding warmth and cheerful vibes even if it is cloudy :)!

West Pride is an art and culture festival that celebrates individual’s identity and life choices. While it is aimed to the lgbtq-community, it is super fun and welcoming to everyone. It will take place from the 7th to the 11th of June, and you can find the full program here (in Swedish). Most of the activities are free (it is a free of charge festival) and includes the rainbow parade (which is the main highlight), exhibitions, talks, workshops and more, scattered all over the city. There are infocenters to be found at Nordstan and Götaplatsen.

The Rainbow Parade is on the Saturday, the 10th of June from 15:00-17:00 (meeting point starts at 14:00). The parade begins from the Gothenburg Opera (GöteborgsOperan) and will end at Götaplatsen. Different associations, clubs, companies and organisations take part, and this includes GU which is a proud partner! The contact person is paraden@westpride.se, but I think you’re welcome to join without prior enrolment; just find the GU flag! Here is a link from the university if you’d like to check it out 😀

Interested in reading more and staying up-to-date? This is the link to Facebook page and open this one to the official website!

Swedish word of the post: jämställdhet == equality


Featured Image borrowed from: http://www.gu.se/westpride

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