Time for some summer!

June is here! And although the weather in Gothenburg doesn’t really seem to agree with that, the truth is that we are officially in summer time. Many of you have probably finished with your studies for this academic year or even better have completed your programs and recently graduated. Other might still have to work on their thesis or some assignments. But whatever the case is, we will now have sometime without lectures and seminars and so we can take a breath and rest from all the hard work we have been doing all this academic year.

For those of you who are planning to travel back home for the summer, it is now the time to prepare.  Make sure that you have planned all the details for your trip as well as some other things that you may want to do during the summer break. For example you might want to sublet your flat while you will be away in order to save some money from the rent. On facebook there are some groups where you can advertise your accommodation, such as “Find accommodation in Goteborg” or “GBG Student Housing Search”. Make sure that you are eligible to rent out your place and that you will find a reliable tenant!

Another thing that might be useful for those who are traveling back home is to make a list with things that they will need to bring back from their home countries. It is better to do that in advance while you are here because it is easier to check what you need and make sure you will not forget anything. Bringing some stuff from home might turn out very useful when  for example  in the cold Swedish winter you will enjoy that special-type of hot chocolate beverage that you can only find back home.

For the ones that for any reason will stay in Gothenburg during the summer break there are as well a lot of things to do during this period. You might want to change your accommodation and it is a good time to do that, or to look for an internship or a summer job that can help you improve your budget for the winter.

Another good idea is to join the gym or start with a new sport or just go jogging or cycling, since now the weather is better for such activities.

This period can also be a good time to do some small trips around Gothenburg since now you will have more free time and hopefully the weather will allow it! But even if you just decide to stay in the city there are so many places that you can enjoy the summery days, such as the slottsskogen, the lakes (Delsjön and others), Saltholmen and the islands nearby.

Whatever you end up to do, don’t forget to really enjoy your summer time, relax and have fun. If I have learned one thing since I moved to Gothenburg, that is to appreciate the nice sunny times and try to take full advantage of those days and enjoy them as much as possible since they will not last forever!

Have a great summer and see you back in Gothenburg!

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