Finding Housing


Gothenburg is a beautiful city that has a lot to offer, but finding housing is known to be an issue and can be a hassle. With patience, determination and constant activity however, the chances of finding accommodation that you will be happy with are high.

A tip is registering to the housing queues as soon as possible and as early as 18 year old because the higher amount of days you have the higher the odds of getting an apartment, especially on sites like SGS Student Housing. You will need to fill your information and keep on “registering your interest”/applying for an apartment until you get one. You can check out the links below to read more how it works!

Another way to make contact is by joining Facebook groups, I listed some below, and hopefully you’ll be suggested related groups. I have several friends who found a place this way. Use social media to your advantage 😉

There are many living options: you can rent a room in someone’s house/apartment, a room in a corridor (known as studentkorridor/korridor), share an apartment or live on your own! Sometimes it might also be an option to check in the suburbs around Gothenburg like Mölndal, Partille, which are fairly close to town.

I found my apartment through Boplats, and I was quite lucky as I got it shortly after applying. These container homes were built in fall 2016 and leased shortly after. The best part about my apartment is the location; I currently live on Campus Lindholmen, which is also where I study. There are several student apartments around this area and since the University of Gothenburg is spread over the city, you can try to find a place not far from your campus.

Some pictures of where I live right now from the website Lindholmen Container Park:


Here are a few links you can check out:

Let me know if you have any tips in the comment below!




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