Lindholmen Street Food Market

It is a fact that the weather got better and the Swedish spring is here. And of course the day is longer and the sun appears more and more in our lovely city. So it makes sense that we want to spend time outdoors more often and that we feel more energetic to get out of the house and meet friends.

One suggestion for you who are looking for something fun to do in your weekend is to visit the Street Food Market in Lindholmen. There you will get the chance to try different kitchens from many parts of the world. Chefs from different restaurants, coffee houses, local breweries and others are there providing the guests with a variety of food and drinks for all kinds of taste.

The food options varies between, Thai pad thai, Chinese pork steam buns, Greek food such as gyros, Italian arancini, American burgers, Mexican taco, French oysters, and many more. Moreover, all food trucks and kitchens will have vegetarian dishes.

The Food Street Market has quite good prices for Sweden. You get the option to buy a coupon which costs 50 SEK and buy one dish (a bit smaller portion but still good enough in you want to try something new) as well as 60 SEK to buy a drink or pay for more dishes as you like, but in general the food does not cost more than 90 SEK.

The place is beautifully organized with several kitchens indoors as well as food trucks, tables and benches outside where you can enjoy your food when the weather is nice. There is also music and there will probably be some activities going on for kids.

The Street Food Market is located at Lindholmen at Anders Carlssons Gata 2-4. Bus 16 goes there and you get off at Regnbågsgatan. The market is open every Saturday from 12:00- 18:00 and probably will extent the hours and days during the summer months.

Have fun!

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