The Valborg Agenda

As mentioned in my previous post, Valborg is a big day in the Swedish student culture, so here is a mini breakdown of what happens throughout the day:

  • What better way to start than with a champagne breakfast? Students typically meet around 08:30 (or later) and have champagne, strawberry and breakfast together either organised by themselves or student associations
  • It is then followed by a studenttåg (student train) comprised of all the different sexmästerier (student associations) which starts from Götaplatsen at 14:00 and ends at …
  • Trädgårdsförening where all the students and alumni meet. Speeches and choirs are heard, some more drinking and drinking games are also to be found and maybe even some students barbecuing. For more official details, check out this link.
  • For some Chalmerister, their hard work is finally showed off at Cortègen. Cortègen is a parade that goes through most of Gothenburg’s main roads, and consists of lorries with themes from last year’s events, or something else, with interesting technical highlights. To read some more about past Cortègen events, check out this link 😀
  • Afterwards students party the night away, Festu hosts the largest Valborgfest in the nordic region, but other clubs and house parties often are the place to go too
Studenttåg- Photo creds: Amanda Rhyds, President of System6

There are many different ways to celebrate Valborg, for example there is a big bonfire at Slottskogen every year, so it is nice knowing I have at least another two Valborgs to celebrate and try new things!


How did you celebrate Valborg 2017? Comment below!


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