THE student celebration of the year is coming up. Walpurgis, known as Valborg in Sweden is celebrated on the 30th of April (3 days left!!). To be more precise, the celebrations take place on valborgafton, the eve of Valborg. Unlike some countries where Walpurgis is celebrated for religious reasons, in Sweden Valborg is the celebration of  saying goodbye to short, dark, cold winter days and welcoming long, bright, and warmer spring days. Bonfires are lighted across the country to symbolise the warmth and light and students start the celebrations from dawn. Student cities like Uppsala, Lund and Gothenburg will be busy with activities to keep you occupied the entire day. Valborg is celebrated with friends and if weather permits (fingers crossed), there will be barbecues and choirs in parks and green areas (to be frank with the right clothing any weather is tolerable). May 1st is a public holiday in Sweden, so don’t worry about staying out too late as you will have ample time to recover and get back up to speed on Tuesday (hopefully)  😉

Check out my next post to see Gothenburg’s Valborg agenda!


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