1 week left!


I can’t believe its almost been a year since I applied to GU. Time really does fly when you’re having a good time. The more bizarre moment for me was when I had to apply for my 3rd semester courses.

So this post is for mainly aimed at people applying to GU (second round) (from Sweden) starting Autumn 2017, YOU HAVE ONE WEEK LEFT! Applications are through antagning.se or universityadmissions.se. The websites are self explanatory and you can find help and information easily. Last day to apply is April 18.

I applied as an IB student and my school helped me with sending my transcripts to universityadmissions.se, so all I had to do was set up my account using my personal number, and then choose the courses I am interested in. The most difficult part was ranking my choices since you get accepted first to the places you ranked higher. Sometime during July you get your results, and if you are a reserve, you accept your place and you will get reevaluated for the second admission round. If you got accepted you must accept your place or it will be given away, but all of this is for later.


So, why apply to Gothenburg University?

Firstly, Gothenburg is Sweden’s university town. It is simply breathtaking, nicknamed Little London. Yes, it might be a little windy and rainy, but the moment the sun shines, and trust me, it is more than just a handful, you forget about every battle you had with the wind.

Everyone is super friendly and accommodating, and I can now proudly say it coming from experience.

There are so many courses to choose from! GU is a large university with campuses scattered all over the city.

Just a short bus ride out you have access to many beautiful lakes, forests and islands.

The libraries are stunning, I am thinking about doing a post on GUs libraries. Interested?


But these are just thoughts from the top of my head on why you should apply, and why not? There is nothing to lose 🙂




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