Moving out day!

One of the very common problems for many international students here in Gothenburg is that of accommodation. As we all know it is quite difficult to get a place and in many cases you will have to move after some time. Hopefully you are among the lucky ones you will have to do it only once or twice, however I know people who have done it even more.

So, here are some tips that might make the process of moving in/out a bit easier.

-Plan how you will move your stuff in advance. You might think that you don’t have so many things to carry, but it is very often the case that after living in one place for some months we have a lot of small things and when the time comes that we need to carry them all in once it becomes a bit of a problem. And if you don’t want to do all of your moving with the public transport, then a good tip is to try and find a friend with a car that could help. There are always some nice people willing to help so don’t hesitate to ask. If you can’t find anyone and you have a driving license there is the option to rent a car for a few hours and do your moving.

-Try to gather a few friends to help you. It will be more easy than do it all by yourself, but also a lot funnier, to have some friends helping you out with the moving. You will finish faster and be less tired and will also be a pleasant experience than just struggle to manage with everything on your own. And when you will be done with the boring part of carrying things, you can invite them to your new place and relax with some food and drinks.

-Look for second hand things. When you move to a new place you might have to buy new things some of which can cost a lot (furniture or kitchen supplies for instance). So a good idea is to look for this kind of stuff on second hand shops. A very useful site for that is the There you can find almost any item you looking for and in quite good prices. The only problem is that sometimes you have to carry your furniture throughout the city but then again there will always be a friend willing to help.

-Look for free boxes. You can either ask to some supermarket or other stores, even ask other friends. And remember to save the boxes somewhere because another person or even you might need them again.

-Ask for a paid day off from work. For those of you who are working it is very likely that you are entitled for a paid day off to do your moving. So don’t forget to ask your employers. It will be of a great convenience to have an extra day in the week to arrange all the things you have to do.

-Arrange the address issue. It is very important to notify all the necessary offices of your new address so you will be able to receive your post mails and so on. And don’t forget, if it is possible, to kindly ask the person who will move to your place to let you know if they will receive any mail that belongs to you. It is very common that letters are sent to your old address so don’t neglect to do this if you don’t want to miss important documents.

-Clean up. Yes maybe for some of you this is common sense. But sometimes it might be the case that we have so much in our heads and we forget to do the most obvious. But since none of us would like to open the door to their new house and see a messy place, try to find some time to clean and leave a nice room for the person after you. It will be greatly appreciated!

Good luck!!


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