The Museum of Gothenburg

A perfect way to get to know more about the history of Gothenburg and to spend a nice day in the city is to visit the Museum of Gothenburg (Göteborgs Stadsmuseum).

In the Museum of Gothenburg you can find plethora of exhibitions, objects, books, collections, and so on , all of which are related with the city of Gothenburg and cite stories that travels deep into the past and come all the way through to the more contemporary times. In the museum’s archives you can find information regarding the history of the town, old buildings and houses, locations and many more. You can also find photo galleries, archeological findings, objects form the past, as well as collections of the Swedish prehistory, industrial and cultural history. Furthermore, in the museum there is plenty material from the Swedish theatre history such as play manuscripts, printed programs, posters, photographs, sketches, theater costumes and stage models, as well as school collections with objects such as textbooks, desks, school posters, mathematical tools etc.

The museum is located in the city center at Norra Hamngatan 12, near Brunnsparken. Almost every tram or bus stops at brunnsparken, so the access there is really easy no matter the area that you are coming from. In the museum you can also find a café, as well as museum shops and for those of you who will visit with small children there is also playroom. As in most of the museums in Gothenburg the admission fee is 40 SEK for adults and it operates as an annual pass, valid to the Museum of Gothenburg, Röhsska museet, Sjöfartsmuseet, Konstmuseet and Naturhistoriska museet.

Admission is free for people under 25 years old, as well with the  Gothenburg City Card.
The Museum of Gothenburg is open on Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm.
and on Wednesdays from 10am to 8pm and it stays closed on Mondays.

More information regarding the Museum of Gothenburg you can find at:

Enjoy the visit!

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