The GIC City Challenge

Organized by the Göta International Committee (GIC) as part of their Welcome Programme – and in collaboration with the City of Göteborg (via Student Göteborg) and the awesome shop SF Bokhandel – the City Challenge is the perfect way to discover the city of Göteborg, meet new friends and share a lot of fun and great moments, all at the same time

Example of group of 10… 13 people !


By group of 10, the students have to go through all the stations (or checkpoints) spread out in the city to realize different challenges proposed by the GIC members.




They usually have around 4 hours to do that… and… to do as much as possible of the numerous side quests… and… to trade a pen against the most original object…  and to make a flag and protect it from the other teams.

4 hours quite busy for sure.

But 4 hours full of fun !

Depending of the seasons (Winter is here) and the works (Humanisten, we miss you) in the city, the stations may vary from one semester to another.

This semester, 5 indoor stations – I can tell you it is not really funny for the GIC members to stay outside in the cold waiting for students for 4 hours, I’ve tried it last year – were awaiting the students…

The weather was awesome last Sunday as you can see…

The Library in Götaplatsen

Vaaaaaad ?


The Public Library at Götaplatsen, is – at least I think – one of the biggest in the city.

And an awesome place to know as a student where you can study, print, borrow books, CD, DVD, play video game, have access to internet…



At this checkpoint, the most Swedish of them all, Tomas – that was president of GIC during my Erasmus 4 years ago – had a challenge for the students. Find in some books the words from a sentence. In Swedish of course !

And considering the faces of the students it wasn’t a piece of cake…

The Central Station – Nils Ericksson Terminal

The Central Station of Göteborg, directly connected to the Nils Ericksson bus terminal is – at least to my opinion – a really nice building to see in Göteborg.

It was first built in 1856-1857 by Adolf Wilhelm Edelsvärd and rebuilt in 1923 after Folke Zettervall’s plans. The station was enlarged again, then restored… more changes were made through the years but the interior design with wood pillars, limestone floor and glass ceiling remained. (Wikipedia)

At this checkpoint, the hardest part was probably to find Elli and Laura and then… to find your train.

Fortunately, for this “trip” you did not have to pack…

The SF Bokhandel

SF Bokhandel is definitely one my favorite shop in Göteborg. It is simply a paradise for every fan of Science Fiction, Fantastic, Fantasy,Board Game Japanese Culture… like me!

This shop also exist in Stockholm and Malmö (I have been to both) but the one in Göteborg is definitely the biggest.

Books, movies, magazines, board games, all kind of goodies (t-shirt, key rings, posters, mug, bento box, stuffed animals, cards, figurines…). I am literally dying of happiness every time I go there.

In this shop, that works in collaboration with us on this event, the students had to answer a multiple choice quizz about the shop and its multiple universes. And give it back to Siddhant to be sure to get points.

Oh… and I won’t spoil anything but you should try to take the elevator…

The Shopping Mall Nordstan

The Student also could validate their side quests at the different checkpoints to save time

Nordstan is the big shopping mall in the center of Göteborg, perfectly situated between the Opera and the Harbour, Gustav Adolf Torg, Brunssparken and the Central Station.

There the students had to find Miri and Fredrik to get some questions about the mall. Their goal : Come back with the maximum of answers before the time is up !


The final point : Kafé Haga

“Proof or it didn’t happen”

The Arrival Station was Kafé Haga, a room belonging to the department of Social Sciences.

There the students could get Fika, prepared by Sambou, Fatima, Aldo and Christiane, with Kanelbullar , Tea and Coffee, show their side quests to the different judges/GIC members and do the final challenge





This one was “easy”, make a ball go through all the members of your team, without using your hands or arms

And the result was quite awesome to watch…

And the side quests ?

Well, they were too many for me to show you all the pictures. And to keep some suspense to the next years, I’ll keep the list as a secret. But as “proof or it didn’t happen”, there are still some pictures to show, to give you a little taste…

And the flags ? The pen ?

Well this semester was not the most original in terms of flag and objects (but difficult to beat last semester’s group that brought a giant poke-ball as flag…)

The “Best flag” reward (10 points) went to the Narnians (corner right), while the competition for the best object was a bit more tight and the judges decided to split (non equally) the points between two teams.

But to punish the teams that did not trade the pen or did not improve their flag, all the teams that made the effort got extra points.

Also one flag  (top right) got stolen, giving 5 more points to the robbers.

And the rewards ?

Well, for most of the students, the main reward was the memory of this moment shared with new friend (See pictures =) ).

But for the 3 winning teams, some nice prices were in play.

Yes, one kilo of Candy is heavy


For the third team : one Chocolate bar per member

For the second team : 500g of Candies per member

For the first team : one present from SF Bokhandel, one City Card from Student Göteborg and 1 kg of Candy from GIC.


The final result ?

And now, as you are all waiting it, the final results !

And the winners are….

The Narnians : 141 points
Unicorns : 142 points
Nitikaheda :155 points
Wild wild West : 163 points
Snowflakes : 168 points

And congratulations to our podium !!!

Favourite Team :171.5 points
None of your business : 172 points
Beerpong : 185 points

The winning time for Spring 2017 : Beer Pong

Thanks to all the helpers and participants !

Thanks to Monika for all the organization before the event !

Ready to join us next semester ?

See you next semester for our “outdoor” City Challenge,


Pictures by Nils Nävert

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