The Röhsska Museum

One of the things that are always interesting to do when you live in a new city is of course to visit its’museums. It is a good way to learn more about the history and culture of the place, as well as a relatively cheap entertainment. Recently I visited one of the many museums of Gothenburg, the Röhsska Museum.

The Röhsska Museum mainly hosts art, fashion and decorative arts exhibitions. The exhibits vary between contemporary and older designs, arts and crafts. Currently they host the exhibition “The Röhsska Museum’s Design History” which shows several items starting from the early 19th century until the 2000s.

The exhibition takes place in five rooms where each room presents items from different period interiors, as for example furniture, ceramics, glass, industrial design and many more. The Yellow Room, displays objects from the nineteenth century (1800-1900), the Purple Room exhibits mainly artefacts and interior design from the beginning of the 1900s up to 1920, the Green Room hosts items from the 1920-1960 going all the way from the Swedish classicism of the 1920s until the new consumption culture, technology and the increasing strong youth culture of the 1960s. The Orange Room displays objects from the 1960s and 1970s, such as desks, plates, ergonomic aids, plastic objects, graphic designs and political arts. Finally the Blue Room presents designs from the 1980s till the 2000s. Most of the items of the exhibitions come from the Swedish history of design but there are also many international exhibits.

The Röhsska museum is on the Vasagatan 37-39 near the tram stop Valand.

The opening hours are:
Tuesday 12.00–17.00
Wednesday 12.00–20.00
Thursday–Friday 12.00–17.00
Saturday–Sunday 11.00–17.00
Closed on Mondays.

The Fee for the adults is 40 SEK and the ticket is valid for unlimited visits to the Röhsska Museum, Gothenburg Art Museum, Gothenburg City Museum, the Maritime Museum and the Museum of Natural History of Gothenburg throughout the year.
There is a free entrance to visitors under 25.
Design, art and architecture students have also free entrance with valid identification.

If you are thinking to visit the Röhsska museum, you may want to plan your visit soon, as from February the 27th  until the 2th of June 2018 the museum will remain closed for visitors.


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