The Welcome Reception by the Welcome Service of GU

Every semester, the Welcome Service of the University of Göteborg is organising a whole Welcome Programme to welcome the new International Students (exchange students and master students) and help them to get all the necessary tools to settle in their new Swedish life.

The Welcome Reception, happening this semester the 25th of January, is the last event of this Welcome Programme. Once the students arrived, in or out the official Arrival Day, once they received all the information they needed at the Welcome Meeting and Welcome Fair, the Welcome reception is simply a moment to gather all together and chill out after all those -sometimes overwhelming- information.

300 new international students attended this big event !

This event is also the occasion for the city of Göteborg itself, in the person of the Lord Mayor to Welcome Officially all the Students. Because for 6 months, 1 year, 2 years (or forever?) this city is gonna be their home.

This year, the Welcome Reception was at the Restaurant Estrad, in the Gothia Towers, offering for the occasion vegetarian warm food.

The Gothia Towers, is a quite famous hotel in Göteborg, composed of 3 towers of 100 m (29 floors), 82 m (26 floors), 77 m (25 floors) containaing also exhibition, event and conference center. There is even a swimming pool floating outside !

After all the information about Göteborg, Sweden, Swedes and Swedish Universities, they received those last days, the students seemed happy to share this dinner all together. And as it happens every year in the friendly city of Göteborg, some friendships were already growing.

Thanks again to the Welcome Service, the City of Göteborg, the restaurant Estrad and every person that helped to organise all that for this great Welcome Reception.

After the University of Göteborg and the City of Göteborg, I also wanna give a warm “Welcome” to all the new International Students !

And see you soon in this new home,





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