Some useful tips

Even if you have been living in Sweden for a long time now, there are still lots of things you might discover that would be great if someone had told you from the early days that you moved here. If anything that would have saved you a lot of time from doing them later on.

And to become more specific, here is some of the information that I think is very useful to know, especially if you are thinking to live in Sweden after finishing with your studies.

One very important step that all of you, who are international and who are considering to stay and work in Sweden need to do, is to apply for recognition of foreign qualifications; to wit to have your degree and all the qualifications you have gained abroad recognized and identified with the Swedish equivalents. This is a process that takes a very long time (maybe up to 9 months), so the sooner you apply for that the better is going to be. You can search for more information regarding the recognition on the web page:

Another equally important step is of course to somehow ensure an accommodation for the time after you finish with your studies, when you will not be anymore eligible for student housing. And I think most of you are already familiar with how difficult that can get. A good tip is to register yourself to the ‘boplats’ where you can queue for a first-hand house contract. This is also something that requires lot of time and in most of the cases you have to have quite a few years of queuing in order to get a contract, so it’s also wise to register as soon as possible. There is a fee however that you pay for each year of queuing in boplats, I think around 100 SEK per year. More information about that you can find at:

And of course if you are planning on staying in Sweden you have probably realized by now how important the language is. There are many ways to learn the Swedish language of course and this also depends on each person’s preference but is always good to know that if you have a Swedish personal number you can apply for the ‘Swedish For Immigrants’ program the well-known as ‘SFI’. It concerns free language lessons provided by the Swedish state and municipalities. Similarly to the other things I mentioned, there is a queue for that too and again it takes a long time for them to place you in a school, so if you want to attend the courses, you might want to register as soon as possible. More information regarding the SFI schools you can find at the web page:!ut/p/z1/hY5NC4JAGIR_jdd9X3P96mYHJZWyCLS9hMa2CurKurXQr8-OQdHchnmGGWBQARvrRydq3cmx7hd_Zt6lsNNDsLEj3CdhjNtTVsS7LE_8ow_lP4AtMf5QhJAC65qBmOtAkFCKjodB6FOXeo69ct_70dg4gQCm-I0rrshdLbdarad5baGFxhgipBQ9JzO38FujlbOG6gOEaaieOS-jF7Wzx6g!/dz/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/

Hope you will find these tips useful and if you know others who intend to live here, pass them the knowledge and make their lives a bit easier!

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