Back from the holidays!

For the past two weeks I have been in Greece for holidays. It has been quite some time since I last visited my hometown and it was really nice to see everyone again. But as it always happens when you are on vacation the time goes fast and so now without further delay I am back in Gothenburg. And since we are international students in Sweden, I suppose that this is the case for most of you and so I would like to share a few thoughts with you.

The first thing I am thinking every time I visit my home country is how different everything looks now. And what I mean by that is that when spending a long time abroad you have the chance to be away from the everyday routine that you used to have and so when you go back you might see some things with a fresh eye. For example, if you are from a warm and sunny country like I do, you probably start to have a new appreciation for the sun as well as the plethora of fresh and juicy fruits and vegetables that you find there. I remember before moving to Sweden I had never thought of how lucky I was to have sunny days for the most part of the year. So now whenever I go back to Greece I take some time and really enjoy the sun as I never used to do before.

Another common thing when you have been away for a while and you visit your hometown for a short period of time, is that you find yourself more motivated to meet with people and do things. When I used to live in Greece for example, I might had spent a long time without meeting some of my friends or relatives. But now I tried to make the best out of my time there and met with lots of people every single day. I also tried to visit several places and do all kinds of activities that in the past I was not so keen to do.

And of course since you are the one who have been away, all the people back in your hometown are very interested to hear all the news from your exciting student life abroad and so for most of the time you feel like being in the centre of attention. People want to meet you and especially in Greece family really want to please you by cooking your favorite dishes almost every day! So it is not a surprise why most of the time you have an unforgettable holidays back home.

And now I, like most of you, am back in Gothenburg.. The return always feels a bit strange after every time I go back to Greece I don’t know how is it for you.. But I am thinking… even though I might feel a bit nostalgic for the nice times I spent, I always feel happy to come back to Gothenburg. If anything, being here is one of the reasons why I learned to appreciate what I have back home even more and why I have such a great time when I go there for vacation. And even more, as I have already said many times in the past this city is amazing, student life is exciting and by sharing our thoughts and experiences we will make the best out of it!

So let’s have a great, unique and fascinating 2017 in our beloved Göteborg!
Happy new year to all of you!

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