GIC Traditional Swedish Christmas Evening

On the 4th of December – and since a couple of years now – the Göta International Committee (GIC) was having its Traditional Swedish Christmas Evening. On the agenda : “traditional Swedish screening”, Christmas Buffé, Live performance and Secret santa =).

Let’s discover this event from the inside, from the organizers point of view.

4ish : Setting up Kafé Haga for the event

15540996_1195293647185146_3073185841700266775_o10 volunteers from the GIC were there to set up everything before the event and help around during it.

Carrying the material, cleaning the place, installing the “cinema” room, not finding a projector, reinstalling the whole “cinema” in another room, checking that the video is working, set up the music, decorating the room, building the Christmas tree, preparing the Glögg and the popcorn, receiving the food from the catering and installing it…


It was actually a lot of fun but we were really not too much of 10 people to finish it almost on time before the arrival of the students.

6ish pm : Arrival of the Students

This year, 93 tickets (120 SEK corresponding at 80% of the food) were sold to the students of Göteborg University. Counting the 10 performers (Ras Kerry and the Orchestra) and the volunteers we were 113 people panned for the event. And it was a pleasure to see that only a couple of people did not show up.

6:30ish pm : Traditional Screening

Our improvised cinema room =).


On Christmas Eve, it is a tradition in Sweden to watch all together Donald Duck cartoons. We, of course, could not miss this occasion to surprise (and fascinate) the international students =).



7ish pm :  Christmas buffé from the catering Backside




The students (and volunteers and performers) got the chance to taste really traditional Christmas food.




On the menu : Janssons Frestelse (Potato and anchovy gratin), sausages, meat balls, red cabbage, Christmas ham, two types of herring, vörtbröd (Christmas spiced bread), Christmas knäckebröd, egg halves topped with shrimps…



Including as well some nice vegan and vegetarian options… like couscous salad, hummus, vegetarian Janssons Frestelse, falafel, beetroot salad, soy sausages and more…


Have a nice meal =)

8ish pm : Live performance of Musikcorpset Mistluren, the Handels Orchestra



This year we were really lucky to have – for the second year – Musikcorpset Mistluren, the Handels Orchestra performing various songs for us.



And even if Daniel, the male singer and president trapped me by inviting Miyuki – a student from Japan – and I, on stage to play bells, I forgive them because they gave to the evening an amazing Christmas energy.


Thanks a lot to Daniel, Zhao, Maria, Hugo, Philip, Melina, Lovisa, Tuva and Simon.

8:30ish pm : Live performance of Ras Kerry



After the orchestra, we got the chance to here some cover and original songs by Ras Kerry.

Thanks a lot to him to come and for Sever for recommending him to us.




9ish pm : Our GIC Santa Arrive to distribute the presents to the Students



After the music, the students got a nice surprise in the person of GIC Secret Santa itself. The elf-students that brought a present got the chance to see Santa redistribute them and go home with a souvenir from this night.


To keep the surprise for the next students and to preserve Santa secret Identity, no pictures of this part of the evening will be revealed…



And finally what best to “experience” this event that a awesome video filmed an edited by the even more awesome Nils ?

It is now time to slowly go home for the students and to start cleaning for the GIC members. Thanks a lot to Bo, Caterina, Roman, Dushyant, Kara, Monika, Ullys, Sever and Nils for their help during the before, during and after the event. special thanks to Nils for the pictures and the video.

It was so nice to have you all here with us to celebrate the Swedish spirit of Christmas before you all start going away for good or for the holidays break.

Thank you all for coming !!!

God Jul och Gott Nytt År !!!


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