Gothenburg: A very Christmas city!

When you live in a city like Gothenburg you can’t really escape from getting into the Christmas vibe! This city is indeed a very Christmas city! Walking around the streets in town there is not a single corner that is not decorated. It seems so cozy and nice with all the Christmas lights which give the city a mirthful feeling all day long. But besides the decoration, Gothenburg is also full of Christmas events. Especially in December there is something christmassy to do every single day! Here are some events that you might find interesting to join.

14 December: Vårt ljus-barnens ljusinstallation på Rymdtorget (Our kids light light installationat Rymdtorget).
A light lab inauguration, with lots of unique light decorations created by children.
Place: Rymdtorget Bergsjön. Time: 18.00-19.00

17 December: Day out goes Christmas.
A modern christmas market where the shops move out in the street. Take a walk, listen to the music that will be played outdoors and enjoy the cozy atmosphere. You can also find lots of special christmas gifts and room for inspiration!
Place: Södra Larmgatan and Vallgatan. Time: 10:00- 16.00.

21 December: En konstnärlig paus till tonerna av GAO (An artistic break to the tune of GAO).
Röhsska Museum invites you to an experience-based guidance which words are music and art are intertwined. The display is made with musicians from Gothenburg Alternative Orchestra.
Place: Röhsska Museum. Time: 17.00- 18:15.

22 December: Historien om stadens julbelysning (The story of the city’s Christmas lights).
A guided tour of the inner city streets. A good way to discover the story behind the Christmas lighting of the town’s streets. The tour ends with some glögg ( you know this Swedish delicious mulled wine).
Place: Vallgatan 21, Valvet. Time: 15:00-16:00, 17:00-18:00.

23 December: Den sjungande julgranen (The Singing Christmas Tree).
Gothenburg’s sjungande julgranen will have a final concert with an extra christmassy show with guests.
Place: Kungsportsplatsen. Time: 15.30 and 16:30.

24 December: Julfirande för alla (Christmas holiday for all).
Celebrate Christmas with the City Mission in St. John’s Cathedral.
Place: Johanneslyrkan Johannes Kyrkogång 1. Time: 12:00- 20.00.

Whatever you choose to do have fun and enjoy this beautiful city!


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