Make a dessert fast and easy!

These days it is very likely that you will be invited to some Christmas dinner or how they call it in Swedish a “julbord”. And if you are like me- meaning that you do not have the best relationship with your kitchen and cooking is not one of your strongest skills – then you would probably wonder what to prepare in order to bring something decent to the dinner.

Well, besides the obvious choice, which is of course to buy something, today I will give you a recipe for a dessert which is super easy to make and it really minimizes the room for mistakes! It is a greek recipe and the dessert is called “kormos”. It can be made in several ways but I am going to write about the simpler and easiest one!

So what you need to make the “kormos”:
– Cream 250 gr
-1 1/2 packets petit beurre biscuits
-1 large box Merenda or 2 small

Perform the recipe:
-Whip the cream in a bowl until it becomes fluffy.
-Break the biscuits into small pieces in another bowl.
-Mix the Merenda with the cream and pour the mixture on biscuits and mix them all together to unite them.
-Place the mixture in a small pan or grease-proof paper and put it in the freezer to freeze.

That’s it! Your dessert is ready to serve! Enjoy!


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