Sharing in Göteborg

As an International Student, you usually stay in Göteborg from 6 months to 2 years. In such short time scale, it is sometimes complicated to invest money in everything you might need. Wouldn’t it be more easier to share with your previous, current and future fellows ?

Good luck for you, I was yesterday at the Göteborg award for sustainable development and I heard there about an amazing toll :

What is ? is a list of some of the possibilities you have in Göteborg to “Hyra (Rent), dela (share), byta (swap), låna (borrow), ge/få (give/get)”.

More specifically, the website focus on 5 areas :


Allmänningar (Commons goods), Konsumtion (Consumption), Kunskap & Möten (Knowledge & Meetings), Mobilet (Mobility), Produktion & Yta (Production & Surface).

You can of course search with keywords if you are looking for something specific.

mapsmartkartanThe best part of this website is that it comes with a  “smart map” where you can find the location of the service that rose your interest.

Unfortunately the website is mainly in Swedish even if some articles are in English.

Nevertheless the website is well organised and the description are short so I think you can find your way through it, even if like me, your Swedish is limited. Or use google translate (like me).

Some services I would recommend : is presenting lots of opportunities and unfortunately I cannot go with you through all of them. But I still wanted to present you some of them, that I find interesting for students, some I already knew about and some new ones.

The nicest surprise was, a map about where you can collect fruits on the trees in parks and common areas for free.

I discovered that beside the public libraries, it also existed a tool library… (if you wanna fix your IKEA furniture…)

In the city, you can find various free-shops, so think about it when you move in and out.


If you would like to bike around but cannot invest in a brand new bike, maybe you should have a look at the city bike system (Styr & Ställ), the “bike kitchen” or other similar services.

Also exist about car sharing.

You would like to organise a show or an event open to public ? Then you should definitely contact Friläget. And if you are looking for something for more “serious” business, I read about co-working space.fblogga-1000x500

Finally, the well known Couchsurfing and Trustroots services to meet travelers and offer them your couch in exchange of amazing stories or if you are lucky awesome food experience. And if you cannot offer them a roof, you can still be the greatest guide of their life and show them the city from your own eyes with Meet the locals.

Don’t hesitate to have a look at, there is so much more that what I presented And there is probably even more services like that in Göteborg you can find.

As Disney itself says :

“Everyone’s invited
This is how we live
We’re all here for each other
Happy to give
All we have we share
And all of us we care
So, come on!”
Brother bear, Welcome


So don’t hesitate, and share =).

Cheers, Emy

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