I have tried for you #3 : the GIC international dining group

As introduced in my “Welcome to GU”‘s article about Student Unions in Göteborg, GIC stand for Göta International Committee and is a branch of Göta Student Union that focus on welcoming and helping the new International Students in Sweden.

Beside their welcome programme with various activities and their collaboration with the university and the city of Gothenburg, GIC poposes some group of interests (hiking, photo, sports, culture…) the students can join during the semester.

So today, I’m going to present you their International Dining group. And to be honest with you, I am actually running this group for the second year (since the departure of my friend Rosie), so… I actually have tried it for you many times =).

The concept of this International Dining group is to share different cultures through the tastiest way possible : food !

More specifically, the group is organising potluck dinners, where everyone brings a main dish and/or a dessert from their country… to share with everyone !

Some themed dinner are organised for Halloween, Christmas, Saint Valentine’s day, Easter.. but also sometimes with more funny or crazy themes like Movies/Books, Cooking a dish which start by the first letter of your name, colors…



Beside bringing a dish, the events are totally free and the plates and drinks are provided by GIC.



No need to be a 3 stars cook =).  The point of the events is to discover new things…



And share a nice moment all together =).





This year, the events takes place once a month, on Sunday’s in the room Terrassbaren at Campus Linné, nearby Linnéplatsen.



Next one will be a Christmas’ theme one, probably the 11th of December, so if you want to show us how you celebrate Christmas in your country, don’t hesitate to join =).

Looking forward to see you there !


PS : Thanks a lot again to our photographer Nils =).

This year dining group, looking forward to welcome you =).

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