The Museum of World Culture of Gothenburg

One of the things that I like a lot in this city is that there are so many events going on and even more places to visit, with very reasonable costs for student budgets, or even for free.

One of these places is the Museum of World Culture of Gothenburg. It is located centrally in the city at Södra Vägen 54, very close to the tram and bus stop Korsvägen.

The World Culture Museum is a place where different events and activities are taking place throughout the year. You can visit one of the exhibitions that they host or attend a lecture or participate in one of the workshops they organize at the venue. The events are varied and they are related to different aspects and cultures from all over the world. The admission to the exhibitions is for free.

Recently I visited the photo exhibition Afghan Tales. In the exhibition, you get the chance to see pictures of the contemporary Afghanistan through the eye of 22 Afghan photographers who tried to capture different aspects of the everyday life, the difficulties and the hope of the people there.

The exhibition is accommodated on the 4th floor of the museum and it will be hosted until the 8th of January 2017.

The museum is open to the public in most of  week days, besides Monday, as well as in the weekend.The opening hours for Tuesday, Thursday and Friday is from 12:00-17:00, for Wednesday from 12:00-20:00 and for the weekend from 11-17:00.

For more information you can visit the web page:


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