Are you a handball fan?

For the handball fans December is a good time to be in Sweden. From the 4th of December to the 18th of the same month, the women’s European Championship in handball will take place in five Swedish cities.

It is the second time that Sweden hosts the event. In particular the championship will be held in Stockholm, Kristianstad, Malmö, Helsingborg and Gothenburg. So, it is a good chance for anyone who was thinking to travel to some other cities here in Sweden to combine the visit with this sport event.

The Group stage will take place:

In Stockholm, Hovet Group A (Sweden, Serbia, Spain, Slovenia), in Kristianstad, Kristianstad Arena Group B (Poland, Holland, France, Germany), in Malmö, Malmö Isstadion Group C (Denmark, Montenegro, Hungary, Czech Republic), in Helsingborg, Helsingborg Arena Group D (Norway, Russia, Romania, Croatia).

The Between Round:

In Gothenburg, Scandinavium Between Round 1 (A + B), in Helsingborg, Helsingborg Arena Between Round 2 (C + D).

Luckily for us who we live in Gothenburg, the final game will take place here in our city, at Scandinavium.

The tickets sold per day (2-3 matches / day).Tickets for Group A in Stockholm (Sweden group) is available through the web page:

More information regarding the European Championship visit: via

Even if you have not attended any handball game before, this can be a good opportunity to try it out. You might become big fans or else just have a reason to visit a new city.And if you want to have some clue regarding the rules of the game in very short it can be explained as following:

“Two teams of seven players (six field players plus one goalkeeper) take the field and attempt to score points by putting the game ball into the opposing team’s goal. In handling the ball, players are subject to the following restrictions:

  • After receiving the ball, players can pass, keep possession, or shoot the ball.
  • If possessing the ball, players must dribble (similar to a basketball dribble), or can take up to three steps for up to three seconds at a time without dribbling.
  • No attacking or defending players other than the defending goalkeeper are allowed to touch the floor of the goal area (within six metres of the goal). A shot or pass in the goal area is valid if completedbefore touching the floor. Goalkeepers are allowed outside the goal area, but are not allowed to cross the goal area boundary with the ball in their hands.
  • The ball may not be passed back to the goalkeeper when they are positioned in the goal area.

Notable scoring opportunities can occur when attacking players jump into the goal area. For example, an attacking player may catch a pass while launching inside the goal area, and then shoot or pass before touching the floor. Doubling occurs when a diving attacking player passes to another diving team-mate.” (Retrieved, 31 October, 2016 from:

Plan your trip and book your tickets early and have fun!



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