Language café at the maritime museum

Last Wednesday, Student Göteborg offered to the new students in Göteborg an afternoon at the Maritime museum of Göteborg with guided tours and a language café in collaboration with the Göta International Committee (GIC).

View from outside the museum



Opened all year long, the Maritime Museum is divided in two main parts : an aquarium reconstituting various marine environments with a research lab and an exhibition going through 400 years of maritime history of the city.




The entrance to the museum, located nearby Stigbergstorget (tram lines 3, 9 or 11), is free of charge if you are under 25 years old and 40SEK if you are older. You can also enter with the annual pass that also give you access to the Gothenburg Museum of Art, the Gothenburg City Museum, the Röhsska Museum and The Gothenburg Museum of Natural History.

Unfortunately the guided tour are usually not included and it was a real chance to have them for free during Student Göteborg event. Especially with two high quality guides. Karl, the history guide is one of the most passionate person I haven’t met in a while. I also did a guided tour of the aquarium in 2013 and once again, the tour was really fascinating, and I really enjoyed it  as a biologist.

This year I also had the pleasure to discover the new exhibition about octopuses and cuttlefishes, creature I use to see when I am back home in the Mediterranean sea.

Finally, after the guided tour, the students could join the language café, where they could have cheap fika while speaking different languages at each table. And this year we had quite a lot of students staying for the café, which was an awesome surprise.

Working on this event for student Göteborg was once again an amazing moment and I’m already looking forward for next semester to give another chance to the students to discover this museum.

See you there, Emy



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