Getting colder? Getting funnier!

Now that the weather is getting colder and the winter is coming, it is very common that we all spend more time indoors. But that doesn’t mean that we’ll let the bad weather ruin our mood because there are many indoor activities we can do to have a nice time!

I have written about that in previous post, but a good idea for having a nice time with friends in a house, is to organize an international dinner. The concept is very easy! Each person cooks a dish that is common in one’s home country and knows how to make it and there you have your dinner ready! The more you are the better it will be and you will get the chance to try different foods from many different places in one night!

Another idea for spending a nice night indoors is to gather with friends and play board games! Maybe you are a fan of board games and play in regular basis but even if you are not it will be fun to remember all these games you used to play when you were younger or to try out new ones!

If you are more interested into movies and these kinds of things, a good idea is to do a movie-marathon evening. There for example you can watch as many scary movies as you can or you can watch a full season of your favorite series or some black-white films from the 50’s or so. Don’t forget to make some popcorn so it feels like being at the cinema!

And don’t forget all the facilities that most of the student houses provide! You can always organize to spend a relaxing time with your friends using the sauna that most of the student dorms have, or play some ping-pong or billiard. Even if you don’t live in a student house there will be definitely one of your friends who does!

Of course there are many other nice indoor activities you can do by yourself, like to read a nice book, drink a hot beverage or just seat by the window and watch the autumn rain falling in the streets!

Let’s get ready for the cold winter with a good mood a lot of fun!


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