The Escape House Gothenburg!

If you are tired of going to the same places whenever you go out, a good alternative is to try out the escape house!

It is a place where you have some thematic rooms, from which you have to try to escape. Each room represents a different story. So you have the “prison break” room where you try to escape from a cell you are locked up, the “trapped” room where you are supposed to be trapped in a place in which a murder has been committed and finally “the chapel” room , where you are looking for the holy grail in order to escape! In all rooms you have to break codes in order to find the clues that will help your way out!

It is a group activity and each room can host several people, varying from 2-8 depending on each size. The staff there is very friendly and they are willing to help with the clues if it’s necessary. I tried out the chapel room and it was quite fun!

The escape house is located in Stortoppsgatan 3. It is open all week from 09:20-22:40 on Monday -Thursday and Sunday and on Friday and Saturday from 09:20- 24:00. For more information you can visit their web page:
Have fun!

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