The new Rainforest at the Universeum

The Universeum is a “scientific” museum, nearby Korsvägen with among many : an aquarium, a vivarium (snakes and spiders), a part about local wild life, a exhibition about space, another about mammoth, a floor dedicated to fun experiments/activities for the kids and the a-bit-less-kids and… a rainforest extended over 4 floors with various animals.

During my life in Göteborg, I have been many time to the Universeum, with my friends here or the one visiting me from France. I still remember my friend Naza, from Costa Rica (who was a blogger before) telling me that she felt home in this rainforest =).

But last semester, the rainforest was closed… and promising to re-open in June with a new rainforest !

As I was back in my country the whole summer, I finally took my chance to see this new rainforest with the free entrance day organised by Student Göteborg.

So this new rainforest ?

  • This rainforest seems to have more birds but not specially diversified (specially among the big ones)
  • A small area is dedicated to small birds but they are hard to see
  • The turtles have been (except a couple) replaced by crocodiles/alligators (I don’t know if they will see me later or in a while)
  • The big lizards were not anymore on the big tree at the end
  • This new rainforest is not bigger but more observations platforms are available. Which is super cool !
  • There are suspension bridges! To feel like a real Indiana Jones!
  • There are totally new animals like a couple of sloths.
  • The monkeys were not there, but I heard they’d be back soon

So finally the changes were not as amazing as I was expected. And I always feel kinda bad to see those animals in “cages” instead of free in the wild. Specially the sloths or the crocodiles. (Yes I do love visiting zoos and see lot of animals but I always feel bad for them… complicated feelings)

But yes, with this new rainforest, Universeum offers us a immersion into nature and wild life. Well even better than that, because the animals, specially the birds are not afraid by humans and come really close.

And I’ll let you with a couple of photos of what you can expect to see there.

See you soon at Universeum,


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