QuiZadillas at Bio Roy with Student Göteborg

This year, I had the chance to work with Student Göteborg on another event that was totally new for me : QuiZadillas at Bio Roy.

Bio Roy

Bio Roy is a historic cinema in Göteborg, inaugurated on 20th April 1940, and the result of the collaboration between 3 artists :  Nils Olsson for the building’s architecture, Marcus M Lorentsen for the interior design and Hugo Öfverström for the murals in the auditorium.

DSC06647 Situated in the Avenyn, near Göteplatsen, it is the only remaining cinema from the string of cinemas that was along the main and unique avenue of Göteborg. It was renovated in 1994, reopened in 2008 and in summer 2011 the murals were restored.

Aside movies’ screenings and live retransmission of opera and theatre performances, it also offers various live shows. Here no popcorn, but everything to do Swedish fika is waiting for you.


QuiZadillas is a group of actors performing live quizzes… Live quizzes?



Well the concept is actually simple. Five actors (Helena Tegnér, Mathias Kedfors, Malin Molin, Magnus Lindberg and Karolina Wendelius ) will re-act some epic and famous scene from movies or TV show. Re-act according to their own vision of it. Which can lead to hilaring performance!


After the scene, two quizmasters (Tobias Brandin and Fredrik Lusth) will ask a serie of questions about the scene, the TV show/movie it comes from, the actors, the story…

Along the quizz, you also have to answer some questions from movie’s audio extract or sing with the actors.

The all performance was truly amazing and I highly recommend you to go next time they come to Bio Roy.

The price of their show is usually 60SEK

Fun fact

If you look carefully at the entrance you can see “Royal” written in neon light. But only the 3 first letters “Roy” are turned off.


This come from the fact that the cinema was originally called “Cinema Royal” but did not own the right for the name “Royal” and therefore had to renamed the cinema…. And so did they, after the Göteborg-born film maker… Roy Anderson.

And from there, the last two letters of original neon sign ‘Royal’ were no longer illuminated.


Thanks a lot to Student Göteborg to give a discount on this show to the students. Thanks a lot to QuiZadillas and the staff of Bio Roy for this awesome evening.


See you soon in Bio Roy,


PS : Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, my camera does not like dark environment.

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