Canoe at Delsjön

Despite the prediction in my Spanish Heat Wave article, the summer was still here last weekend. A perfect sunny weather to go canoeing on lake at Delsjön with two of my closest friends.

As far as I remember, it was my first time ever doing canoe and Delsjön lake, was the perfect place for a baptism !

Delsjön is a lake in the South of Göteborg, accessible with tram 5 (stop Bögatan or Topelsgatan) and a bit of walk.



We rented the canoe at Näsets Paddlarklubb, not too far from the main beach where you arrive from the tram stop. After signing the contract, choosing paddles and a safety jackets, we carried our canoe to the lake, and as gracious as swans (or not) we jumped in it.




And here we were, proud crew of the canoe 31, ready for incredible adventures !

And there were indeed. The view from the lake was just magical with this great weather.

My little experience with paddling in small boat or sat on a sailboard’s board helped me to not be too ridiculous in front of my expert friends. But I have to admit, they did most of the job and I had to take breaks often, my position in the middle of the canoe didn’t help to not feel quickly some muscle pain.


For our explorers’ journey, we first went to Lilla Delsjön (Little Delsjön), taking a narrow path and going under a really low bridge. There, our personal Indiana Jones knew a special café – run by witches – were we could stop for Fika….

After this break, and nice recommendation from a kid to beware the sharks, we explored the south of Stora Delsjön (Big Delsjön), in the moss part (Svedmossen). There we could observe some birds of pray turning around to look for fishes. Stopping suddenly… Staying in the same position… And finally diving to catch its pray. It was pretty amazing to watch them and I learned a new verb in Swedish and in English :  “Fageln ryttlar” (The bird hovers).

Finally, we explored the west part of the lake, just enjoying the “ride” as long as possible, sunbathing and enjoying again and again the breathtaking landscapes around us. We kept paddling nearby the two islands, making the promise we will next time have a barbecue on the tiny one.

Despite our incapacity to find one cheering-up songs we could all sing, the fact we stayed blocked on top of a rock and the fact we didn’t spot any beavers, this day was just awesome.



I really felt like Pocahontas, canoeing in some rivers in north US or Canada.

Singing that “The heron and the otter are my friends”.

I felt like Jack, shouting out loud “I’m the king of the world”.

I felt just like free and unbreakable in our super fast canoe !





Yes this day was more than awesome….

It was perfect !

The best one since I landed again for another amazing year in Göteborg !

And there is still so many days to come !


Looking forward for next time, maybe exploring Vattefjäll’s lakes (a nature reserve 45 min away from Göteborg center by trams/buses).


PS : Thanks to my dear Nils Nävert and Alejandro Valenzuela for this awesome day and for the pictures (as I was too afraid to drop my phone into the water)

Sunbath and pasta salad =). Life is awesome !

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