The Göteborg’s Opera


I am sure most of you who have been living in Gothenburg for a while, you probably have seen the Gothenburg’s opera house. It is located in Christina Nilssons Gata, near the tram/bus stop Lilla Bomen.

The building was designed by the architect Jan Izikowits in a post modernist architectural style and it was first opened in October 1994. It is a 32 meters high building with a 1,301 seats and it is hosting the opera, ballets, operettas and musicals. It has wheelchair accessibility and hearing aid can also be provided.

There are plenty of events taking place in the Gothenburg’s opera every year that can satisfy every preference. The tickets might be expensive especially for students’ budgets but there are also some free admission concerts performed in specific days. For more information regarding these concerts you can visit the web page:

There is also a restaurant operating in the opera house building, which serving lunch in week days, as well as bar and cafés with a nice view of the river. The area around the opera house is also a nice place to visit. Just outside the opera building you can see this granite sculpture which was designed by a Norwegian artist named Bård Breivik and it is about 26 feet high. The area is also nice for a walk near the harbor or to see the Barken Viking ship which is anchored there, as well as to visit this big building that locals call “Lipstick” where you can find a watchtower at the top floor to have a panoramic view of Gothenburg!

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