Paddan tour with Student Göteborg

I have been pretty lucky this year to work for Student Göteborg  (a welcome programme organised by the city of Göteborg) on their Paddan tour… and to go on the boat with the students !



Paddan propose some guided boat tour of 50min on the channel and river in Göteborg, going under the many bridges of the city.




This tour gives an overview of the history of Göteborg, through the various building (opera, lipstick, museums, the various churches…) but also the statues (Gustav Adolf, the sailor’s wife, the lions’ square), the boats and of course, the cranes ! An history full of funny anecdotes and “legends”…


Have you ever wonder why the Sailor’s wife -supposedly waiting for her husband to be back – is not looking in direction of the sea but on the direction of Hisingen ?

Have you ever wonder why Gustav Adolf Statue is pointing the floor ?

Have you always dream to have people waving at you from the King’s park (Kungsparken) ?


Have you ever want to see a Fishing Church (Fiskekyrkan)?

Have you ever wonder why the old hospital (now part of GU) was built round ?


Have you ever wonder why all those cranes are remaining in Göteborg ?

Have you ever heard of a boat stuck in the harbour because the bridge was to low ?

Have you ever wonder if the military boat in the river is still ready to war ?


Have you ever had an haircut done by a bridge ?


Well, if you have ever wonder… then this tour is for you too =).



Thanks a lot to Student Göteborg to organise this tour, to our awesome captain and our amazing guide. And thanks a lot to the dancer from Patriciabaleten, that offered us a amazing dance show and a quizz during the tour.


See you soon on the river !


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