Spanish heat wave and summerly September

According to The Local Göteborg broke this week its temperature records since 1983. And the situation seems to be similar in all Sweden.

Lot of newspaper are talking about the “Spanish heat wave” coming to Sweden and it is true that lately I feel more in Spain (well to be honest, Spain is a lot warmer) than in Sweden. In three years living here, I can confirm that this situation is pretty exceptional.

All around me, friends are still doing barbecue, swimming in the lake or the sea… Things I would have never though about in the middle of September !

But my dear newcomers in Göteborg, my dear exchange students, don’t get use too much to this late summer… September is leaving us day after day… and soon will come Rainy October and Grey November, some other faces of the surprising Swedish weather.

So go outside ! Go to the archipelago or the lake ! Have barbecue, go hiking or canoeing with friends. Enjoy the summer as long as it last…

Because no matter if we want it or not… Winter is coming ! (Well autumn first :p )


PS : And to enjoy summer a bit more, don’t hesitate to go outside on the evening. This Spanish heat wave is offering us some awesome purple sunsets


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