Have you ever thought to become a volunteer?

An interesting and useful way to spend some of your free time is to become a volunteer. During the period that we are students it is often more easy to do that, since for most of the students their schedule is not super tight and there is enough time to try it out.

In Gothenburg there are many organizations and activities where you can spare a little of your time and help for the achievement of a goal.
The only thing you need to do is to think of the cause you would be interested to work with and then find similar organizations which are working in that field. This can be humanitarian organizations, environmental, animal or anything else that you have a passion with and you think that you can contribute to.

My experience from volunteer work here in Gothenburg is via a program organized by the Red Cross, which includes weekly meetings in a café in town, with people that are living in Gothenburg within the status of refugees or undocumented and documented immigrants along with other volunteers and do activities all together. This can involve playing board games, or helping them with learning the language- mainly the Swedish speaking volunteers, or just talking and having fika! The atmosphere is always very warm and friendly and it is a good way to learn many interesting things for the culture and experiences of all the guests there.

For more information for that or any other program you would like to participate, you can visit each organization’s home page. Moreover, it is quite often that you can find informative flyers in several spots in the city, as well as at the University of Gothenburg, where there is always some leaflets with info for volunteering work. Plus there are some specific days, I think usually in the beginning of new academic years, when you can also find people from different organizations visiting the university and provide each person who is interested with details regarding their work and how you can contribute as a volunteer.

I think it’s really amazing how much we can achieve by offering little of our time and energy in a cause we think is important! Take the chance to do it!

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