The Gothenburg’s Cultural Festival

On Tuesday the 16th of August and for 6 days, Gothenburg will host one of the largest festivals in its kind in all Scandinavia, the Gothenburg’s Cultural Festival.

So during the 16-21 of August, in all around the city, there will be plenty of events taking place in main streets and squares. The festivities will consist a great variety of activities for children and family, design and crafts, film and photography, art and architecture, culture, literature and discussions, food and drinks, music, theater and dance and much more!

The program starts in the morning usually around 9 or 10 and lasts till the late evening. Every day several events will be taking place in different parts of the city and for sure there will be something that will interest you. Maybe it can be to taste the delicious food from around the world, or to get familiar with art and craft of other cultures, listen to music from various international artists and watch the performances of different entertainers.

More information about the program and details for each day and event you can find in the web page:

Note down the events that you like the most and get the chance to enjoy 6 absolutely interesting days in Gothenburg!

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