New semester! Time for a little renovation!

One of the places that we spent maybe most or at least much of our time, is of course the place we live. So no matter if that is a student room or a shared flat or our own apartment it is important that it’s a place where we can relax and feel nice. Therefore decorating our place with our own personal style will help a lot to feel like home.

Most of the student houses are fully furniture, so there is no need to buy basic stuff like desks or bed and spend lot of money on that. However there are small things we can do which can change the whole place. Here are some tips:

-Curtains and carpet! For some strange reason most of the Swedish houses I have visited have no curtains. Maybe it’s because they believe that they don’t have much light to avoid or for any other reason but I think that curtains, apart from keeping the light out of the room, they also can transform a place and make it look completely different. The same goes for a nice carpet. It will change completely the looks of your room and it will make the space look cozy. You can find lots of designs and colors at any relevant store in town and of course a big selection at IKEA.

-And speaking of IKEA that is a place that you should definitely visit if you want to find stuff for your room and any other equipment at relatively good prices. The student unions usually plan some visits there for the new-comers in the beginning of the semester, but since the participation is usually high you will probably have to book your bus seat in advance. You can find more information at the university’s web pages.

-Photos! A good way to decorate your walls, desks or bedside table is of course with photographs. Print out your favorite summer photos or those you have with your pet or with your friends from home and place them in your room. They will beautify the place and they will make you feel close to your beloved ones every day!

-Small stuff! Small stuff like candles, pillows, boxes, flowers can really make the difference in a place. You can easily find them in many stores in the city as well as the supermarkets and it usually cost very few to buy them.

-Search on blocket! is a web site where you can buy, sell, advertise and search for almost anything! There you can find a big variety of second hand items that can be usefull for your new decoration!

Have fun!

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