The Return!

For those of you who are in Gothenburg already since last year or more it is very likely that in the summer time you are travelling back to your home countries or somewhere abroad. That’s one of the nicest periods according to my experiences. You go back to your family and friends with plenty of new stories to display and carefree from all the hard studying you‘ve been going through in the winter. And while you are feeling blissful and relaxed enjoying your vacation, it is soon time to return back to reality. The holidays are over and soon a new academic year is about to begin. Some of you might also have to start working again so this makes it even more difficult!

As I recently went through this process and I am still trying to readjust to the Gothenburg terms of life, I thought it might be useful to share some thoughts with you.

A great support when feeling a bit sad for leaving home is always the new friends that we have made here in Gothenburg. Many students stay behind during the summer time and others are returning soon, so it is almost certain that you will find some of your new friends here. Don’t waste time and contact them as soon as possible for a reunion, You will have all the time you need to chat about the summer news and for them to admire your perfect suntan.

After finding your friends another good idea is to plan plenty of activities. Since the classes haven’t started yet it is the perfect time to do all these things you wanted but didn’t find time in the winter. This can be a trip to the islands near Gothenburg, visits to the museums, barbeques at the parks, swimming at the lake and so on.

Another good idea is to plan some things that you want to do in the upcoming semester. This can be to register for Swedish lessons, or for a dance class, or to become a volunteer for a cause you prefer, or even move to a new house. This will keep you busy for sometime and will be of a great relief if you have sort out these things before the university starts again.

Now it is also a good time to visit the libraries and search for books and other stuff you will need. Lots of the students are still on vacation so it won’t be as crowded as it is when the lessons begin.

And one last thing! Print some of the photos you made during summer and place them somewhere in your room. It will be a reminder of the nice time you had and a sunbeam light during the cold Swedish winter.

Welcome back!

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