Summer games in the parks : Kubb and Mölky

Respectively coming from Sweden and Finland, the Kubb and Mölky are two wooden games you have to play with your friends during the summer. If you are still in Sweden after your exchange it is never too late to try or if you arrive early during the summer, just go for it. Also I know those games are imported in some countries – as mine – so don’t hesitate to have a small taste of Scandinavia before your exchange adventure or to take a large bite of nostalgia when you are back home.

Park in front of Humanisten Faculty


I discovered this game quite a long ago, when my family came back from some trip with it. And it is now such a pleasure to see it becoming so popular in the parks of my city.

Home-made Mölky (picture from Wikipedia)

The Mölky is played with 12 skittles, numbered from 1 to 12, and a large pin to throw. When you knock one skittle, you score the number of point written on it. If you knock over more than one skittle, you score the number of skittle you knocked over (1 point per skittle). You have to then put back the keel where they fell (allowing the move of the skittles pretty far from the starting position). The aim is to reach exactly 50 points. If you go over, you go back to 21 points.

This is a really interesting game, harder than what it might seem here. It can be played for quite a while when you have 49 points and know will never reach the skittle 1 and will just go back to 21.

As a funny side story, my grandpa did an home-made version in which the skittles have different size (they are normally all similar)… ending up totally randomly with a tiny tiny keel 1. That’s the hardcore Mölky version :p.

This game can be played by teams or everyone on his own. Some variants exist, where you reverse the skittles and have to remember the number on it in order to play. I never tried it, but good luck =).

Kubb : the viking chess

If you don’t know this game yet, you will surely discover it when you will arrive in Sweden. It is a really popular game during the summer and I know even GIC organised some game in the past. I personally only played once so I won’t give complete explanations (specially as many various way to play exist). In any case, you can easily find the exact rules online for both games.

A Kubb’s set (Picture from Wikipedia)

Globally the game is played by two teams, each having 5 kubbs and a king being placed in the middle of the field. By throwing 6 pieces of wood, the players of each team have to eliminate the starting kubbs of the opposing team which would become “field kubbs” and therefore will have to be eliminated before targeting the remaining starting kubbs (online rules will explain the whole process better). Finally, the winning team is the one that manage first and only after dealing with the kubbs’ part, to knock over the king. It is a pretty strategic game and I recommend you to play it with people that know it better than me .

Finally they are both perfect game for this summer, no matter if you are still in Sweden, already there  or “abroad” if the games are imported.

And for the future students, when you will meet me, don’t hesitate to propose me a game. I am not good at all, but I would enjoy so much to share a moment like that with you ! Looking forward to meet you soon to play !


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