Welcome To GU #2 : The Welcome Programs

For those last days of June, I decided to do a small serie of articles with useful informations about what will happen when you will arrive to Sweden. They will have as theme : the Arrivals Days, the Welcome Programs, and the International Student Union (GIC, IntU and IntET). I hope they will help you to chase away your possible fears and doubts and fully enjoy your stay here. Welcome To Göteborg and see you soon =).


The Welcome Program from the University of Göteborg

Organized by the University of Göteborg itself, the aim of this program is to welcome you, give you all the informations you need during your stay in Göteborg and be sure you are not left without clue about where to get help.

The Welcome programme starts by the Arrival days (c.f. My previous article) on August 20th and 23rd 2016.

The main important informations for your stay will be presented during conferences on the Welcome day (24th of August 2016). You will also receive – if you do not have it yet – a Welcome Pack with summaries of all important things to know and useful tips for your stay.

More specific information (“mandatory” or “optional”), will be given the next day (25th of August) during the Fair and Information day. This second day is also an occasion for you to meet exhibitors representing different associations and companies in Göteborg. You can find informations about travels, theatre, library, cultural events, sports… During the fair, student hosts in yellow tee-shirt will be there to guide you and help you if you have any questions.

For Free Mover Student staying more than one year, the tax office (Skatteverket) organize special day to help you to register as “resident in Sweden” and get your personal identity number on the 1st and 2nd of September 2016.

Finally, the welcome program from the university ends with a Welcome Reception with the Lord Mayor. Do not forget to sign up for it (the Student Housing Service will communicate the link later) and to join, it is awesome!

Beside those events, your faculty, might plan specific events. To know about them, you should directly contact your faculty.

International Dinner from GIC

The Welcome Program from the Göta International Committee (GIC)

Organized by volunteers’ international and Swedish students from different faculties, the aim of this program is to organize various social event in the first weeks to give you occasions to meet each other and get quickly new friends in Göteborg. Feel free to join as much of them as you want =).

The following program might change and all dates will be confirmed in the GIC Buddies Facebook group of this semester. This article is not the official program.

Happy students in Ikea (a router can change your life)

In order to get the furnitures you might miss in your room, two trips to IKEA will be organized, probably right after the Arrivals days so on the 21st and 27th of August 2016. You can also often get some furniture that have been left by previous tenants for free or cheap. Look for the Facebook group of your housing area or look if there is a free shop there. Also Göteborg has an important second hand network (shops, websites….).

Let’s rest while the others finish their shopping

Among the social events will be organised (all dates are unsure) a Speed Fika (31st of August 2016) to meet in a short time a lot of international students while sharing pastries and coffee (fika !!!), a Welcome Party (4th of September), a Trip to the Archipelago (10th of September), the Islands in the South of Göteborg, an International Dinner where everyone bring a dish from their countries to share it all together and a Language Café (25th of September) with tables to practice different languages. In partnership with Student Göteborg (See next paragraph) a City Challenge (18th of September) – with a serie of fun task to do in different spots of the town – is organized.

Those events will continue – less regularly – throughout the whole semester. Special events are usually organized for Halloween and Christmas. Weekend’s travels might also be organized. All GIC’s event are for free or cheap.

Beside the Welcome Programme, GIC – former GISA – offers a Welcome Buddy system, where a “local” student is there to welcome you and organise events for a “small” group of student with common interest.

Groups of interests (international dining, photowalk) also do exist out of the Welcome Buddy system.

This Welcome Buddy system and the Göta interest groups will be developed in my article about the Göta International Commitee itself. A special day will probably be organised in the parc Slottskögen on the 26th of August 2016 to help you to meet your buddy group.

For the welcome programs from IntU and IntET, you can directly contact them or check their Facebook pages…


The Student Göteborg‘s Welcome Program

Organized by the city of Göteborg, the aim of this program is to organize activities for you to get to discover the city and of course meet new friends. It usually includes cultural or musical events in the different museums, entrance at the opera, guided tour of the city by bike or boat (on the channel), entrance in attraction park, sport events…

Most of the events from the Student Göteborg programme are free (or cheap).

Their program is not available yet on their website, but flyers will be given to you during the different Welcome Programs events. So you will have all the information in time =). They also have a Facebook page where they upload their events.

Welcome to Göteborg and looking forward to see you soon !


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