Welcome To GU #1 : Arrival days

For those last days of June, I decided to do a small serie of articles with useful information about what will happen when you will arrive to Sweden. They will have as theme : the Arrivals Days, the Welcome Programs and the International Student Union (GIC, IntU and IntET). I hope they will help you to chase away your possible fears and doubts and fully enjoy your stay here. Welcome To Göteborg and see you soon !

What are Arrival days ?

Arrivals days are special days organised by the University of Göteborg on the 20th and 23rd of August 2016 and by the Chalmers University of Technology on the 22nd of August 2016 to pick up the new international students when they will arrive in Göteborg. Volunteers from student associations such as IntU (business school), IntET (medicine) and GIC (all faculties) will be at the airport, train station and ferry stations with “Göteborgs Universitet” signs to welcome you. They are truly there for you so don’t hesitate to ask help with your suitcases or ask any questions you might have.

13523916_10153584548591850_479629108_oThis is also a nice way to meet new people on your very first day in Göteborg as you are many to arrive in each places. Even if you finally study different things and you might never see each other again some nice surprises can occur. During my Erasmus, I met at the airport two girls from Japan with whom I stayed friend during my whole stay and I still am today (Sakika and Miho, I do miss you so much!).

13509408_10153584548581850_1937930926_oOnce all the expected students are there – there will be different series of arrival, you do not have to wait the whole day in the airport don’t worry – a bus will take you to the Student Housing office in Medecinaregatan where you will be welcomed by the Student Coordinator (this year my amazing friend Nils) and the Welcome Service. If you have an housing contract through university you will sign it there and get your keys. You will also received a folder (Welcome pack) with all the useful informations you might need during your stay in Göteborg. Once again, feel free to ask any questions.

Once this is done, the bus will take you until your housing area for your first awesome night in Göteborg.


How to sign up for arrival days ?

If you are an exchange student (coming from one semester or one year and attached to your home university, a personalised link will be sent to you directly by the Student Housing/Welcome service of the University. If you are signing an housing contract with them, the link is usually sent when the reservation is confirmed.

If you are a free mover (coming for the whole master program, independently from a home university) you have to contact the Student Housing service with your arrival details (studenthousing@gu.se)


Couple of tips

  • Some food will be provided at the Student Housing office but it’s more snacks than real food. Take a sandwich or buy it at the airport/station if you arrive in the afternoon as the whole process can take time and depending where you live you might not be able to go shopping when you get home.
  • Depending on the area you will live and who lived there before, you might not have full equipment for your room when you just arrive. Take into account that you might, if you are unlucky, have to roll yourself in a sweater for your very first night (Tips on how to get furniture in your room in a next article)

You are not arriving in Göteborg on an arrival day ?

If you do not arrive in Göteborg on the 20th or 23rd of August 2016, do not panic.

You can get your keys at the office on Medecinaregatan (tram 6, 7, 8, 13 and buses 25 and 52 at Salhgrenska Huvudentré) and sign your contract there. Don’t hesitate to ask them how to join your housing area from there, they are really nice and friendly.

You will then receive the welcome pack (folder) on the Information Meeting on the Welcome Day on the 24th of August 2016 or at the Student Housing Office when you sign your contract.

If you arrive out of the office’s opening hours, you can ask for someone to take your keys. For that do not hesitate to contact GIC (or the student union you are connected to) and the student housing service.


Important contacts :

Student housing service : studenthousing@gu.se

GIC : internationellakommitten@gota.gu.seFacebook

IntET (medecine) : intet@saks.gu.seFacebook

IntU (business school) : intu@hhgs.seFacebook

More informations I might have forgotten about the arrival days can be found on the Student Portal

Welcome to Göteborg, looking forward to meet you soon!

(All pictures belong to GIC and the Welcome Service)

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