#thisisgu part 9 : Lindholmen and Eriksberg

During the months of May and June, we bloggers, will report from different campuses and areas in Gothenburg. Today : Lindholmen and Eriksberg.

Lindholmen is situated on the other side of the river and can be accessible by different buses buses : lines 16, 99, 16x, 402 45 and gul express. But the best way to access Lindholmen is actually to take the ferry !

With your regular bus/tram ticket, you can go from Rosenlund or Lilla Bommen (Opera) until Lindholmen or Eriksberg by boat and enjoy the view of the river side! To be honest, this possibility to take the ferry within the city (or even to go to the island) with a simple bus ticket, is for me one of the thing I find the most amazing about Göteborg…

In Lindholmen, you will find a part of the campus of the Chalmers university of Technology, and student taking the sun nearby the water. And of course, you simply cannot miss the really colourful building welcoming you.

Nearby the river you can of course find some restaurants and during my Erasmus I used to be there with my friends for afterwork…

But one of the best thing to do around Lindholmen is actually having a walk along the river all the way to Eriksberg… Beside the really nice river side, the cute bridges, the beautiful boat, you will also find on your way various pieces of art…

And if you like panoramic views, you have to stop by Sörhallsberget.From this hill, you can really appreciate the view over the city center of Göteborg

IMG_1954-IMG_1969 copy

And now that you have walked all the way, take a minute to observe this huge crane in Eriksberg… It stand there as a remaining Göteborg history and of the ship industry that was the strength of the city. Today, there is no construction/reparation site left there, just this giant orange crane and a whole district that have been build around… Full of Göthenburgers, living peacefully, without fearing that the wind, one day, pushes the crane on their houses…

Congratulations ! You have reached Eriksberg ! From there, you can take the ferry back to the city center, and enjoy again the “ride” on the river.


Taking the ferry and having a walk from Lindholmen to Eriksberg is something I really do enjoy. But I prefer to warn you, it can be pretty cold and windy in winter, so be prepared.

See you soon in Lindholmen and Eriksberg! Emy

Note : All the pictures are the property of Guillermo Guridi


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