#Thisisgu part 8: Ostkupan

We have now already discussed some of the important topics that every new student in Gothenburg needs to know before moving here. In this post I will talk about one of the student houses which is very popular among erasmus but also master or bachelor students. That is “Ostkupan”!

Ostkupan is a student dorm which belongs to the SGS company that rents most of the student houses in Gothenburg. The dorm is located quite centrally, in an area which is called Kallebäck. All the streets in the area of Kallebäck, as well as the bus stops are named after dairy products. Ostkupan in particular means ‘’the cheese cover’’ or something like that!


Ostkupan is a fourteen floor building which accommodates lots of international and Swedish students. It is divided to the A and B side but both of them exist in the same building. The main types of rooms in Ostkupan, are either four single rooms in one corridor with two bathrooms and one kitchen, or flats with one bedroom one bathroom and one kitchen and a living room which could also function as a second bedroom. In the corridors with the four rooms each person has its own room and shares the bathroom with one other person and the kitchen with the whole corridor. In the flats, it depends more on the roommates, as it is usually friends who decided to move together. In those flats the pets are also allowed but not in the corridors with the single rooms. The electricity, internet, water, laundry is included in the rent price that each tenant pays. From the fifth floor and above, some of the rooms also have an amazing view of the city!


In the building there are also several facilities. There are two laundry rooms one in each side, as well two garbage rooms, a pool room, a sauna, a gym and a common room for the tenants of the building. To use the laundry you have to book the machines either on line or from a table you will find at the ground floor. To use the pool room or the sauna you also have to book it in advance. There is also a pub at the basement where each tenant can book and organize an event. The pub is only open when an event is taking place and it does not operate as a regular pub. In the basement ther is also the garage of the dorm, where you can leave you bike.


To use the gym you have to become a member, which is very easy as the only thing you have to do is to contact the gym manager and pay a very small fee depending on how many months you will be using it. From my personal experience, even though the gym is quite small, it is of a great convenience to have it inside the building especially during the winter when you don’t really want to go out in the cold!

Other than that in Ostkupan there are several common spaces where it is very frequent that the tenants hang out and it is certain that there you will meet other people and make new friends. In Ostkupan is where I met some of my best’s friends here in Sweden and the fact that we all live in the same building makes it so easy for us to meet and do things together! These common spaces are one room on the ground floor where usually people can watch TV or just relax, or have a party, as well as two terraces where it is a common meeting spot, especially for the smokers of the building, but also for every other tenants.

The building is in general quite close to the city center. The bus 50 is the main transportation which comes to Kallebäck, as well as two tram lines, the number 2 and 4. Luckily the bus stop is in one minute distance from the building, which has been incredible useful to me many times especially in the mornings when I am late for school!

Very close to the dorm, in two minutes walk distance, there is a super market, which is one of the cheapest in Gothenburg, although sometimes you don’t find products that you need. There is also one take-away restaurant behind Ostkupan where you can buy pizza and other food when you don’t really feel in the mood for cooking.


Near to Ostkupan there is also a big lake which is called Delsjön and which is a great place for walks, barbeques with friends, swimming in the summer time and so on. You can read more about Delsjön, in previous posts.

So, I think that is pretty much the most important tips you need to know about Ostkupan. For those of you that will finally move in this house, maybe we’ll meet somewhere here!

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