#thisisgu Part 7: Långgatorna and Linné

During the month of may, we bloggers will report from different campuses and areas in Gothenburg.

Linnégatan and surroundings is not the most centric place of the city, but for sure is where you will spend most of your free time when living in Gothenburg. Let’s take a look at each one of these important areas that you will end up knowing by heart:


Linnégatan starts in Linnéplatsen, in one of the corners of the famous park Slottsskogen. This avenue becomes then the connection of the city with nature.


The attractive of the street starts by taking a look at their buildings. They are not specially high and each one of them has its uniqueness. My suggestion, look up when walking the avenue, you will discover a fantastic mix of shapes of roofs, attics that we all would dream to live in, and different brick colours that create a magic mix when touch by the sun.


When walking Linnégatan you will never stop listening and seeing the trams going up and down.



Apart from its buildings, it is a good area to find a restaurant to eat, second hand shops and beautiful cafeterias.



Linnégatan ends in Järntorget, remember this name, because it will become one of the main meeting points during your stay in Gothenburg. Many tram lines arrive to Järntorget, being a square well communicated. Do you want to have fika? Meet in Järntorget and head to Haga. Are you in the mood for a beer? Meet in Järntorget and visit Andra Långgatan. Do you want to have dinner? You can also meet there and try walking down Linnégatan.




The most charming place of the city is, without doubt, Haga. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Gothenburg, where it seems that time stopped 100 years ago. It retained its image thanks to citizen protests when the whole city was being remodelled to leave behind the wooden houses. The street has the best cafés in the city with an intimate, homey environment, and where you can enjoy fika.


Skansen kronan

You can access it from Haga or from Linnégatan, just prepare yourself for a big amount of steps! It is a defence tower from the XVII century that can be seen from everywhere in the city, and from where you have perfect views of Gothenburg. It is always nice to bring your visitors there.



Andra Långgatan

This street is the perfect place where to go to have a drink with your friends or enjoy after-work, there are many pubs where to go, you would never get tired of the variety! It is perfect place for an student budget as the prices are quite low compared to other areas of the city. In this street you can always meet people from everywhere in the world, or get to know Swedes that become closer and friendlier when they are enjoying their free time with friends.

Image from thismustbegoteborg.wordpress.com
Image from thismustbegoteborg.wordpress.com


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