#thisisgu part 5 : Campus Linné

During the month of May, we bloggers, will report from different campuses and areas in Gothenburg. Today : Campus Linné !

Campus Linné, is part – with Campus Haga presented by Rea – of the Social Science Faculty. More specifically, you will find there the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, the Department of Psychology and the School of Global Studies.

But there is no better way to discover this little green and flowery campus than following me through a guided visit in photography…

How to access ?

Linnéplatsen (view from Campus Linné)



Campus Linné is situated nearby a place called Linnéplatsen (“Linné’s square”, not too hard to remember :p) and can be accessible easily by tram (lines 1, 2 and 6) and buses (line 25, 52, 180, 761, blå express and rosa express).



From Linnéplatsen, you just have to cross the road and here you are, in Campus Linné, with three paths in front of you.

Let’s start our journey to the right, to the Psychology Department

The Psychology Department

From Linnéplatsen, you cannot really miss the Psychology Department, it is often the first building of the campus you recognise.

Entering for the first time in the Psychology Department was actually a nice surprise. It is a really bright and colorful place where it seems to feel good studying. Lot of areas are actually dedicated to the students to work in group or by themselves.

Nearby the building, you can also find some bike park and a parking lot.

Let’s continue our journey taking the middle path, to the School of Global Studies

The School of Global Studies.

The School of Global Studies, seems to be composed of different buildings, connected as a long corridor.

Also, in front one of the building of the School, you can find a little garden and the Campus has a community garden project called Urban Gardening, open to the staff and the students.

To “finish” our visit, let’s take the path to the left, leading to Terrassbaren, to another access of the School of Global Studies, to the Department of Journalism and the University Library…

My favorite part : Terrassbaren

Finally, the path to the right – before actually taking you to the Student Library and the Department of Journalism – leads to my favourite place of Campus Linné : Terrassbaren.

Group picture from an international dinner

Terrassbaren is a room that belong to university and can be booked at the Göta office in Campus Haga to organise events for the students. I used it a lot this year as a members of the Göteborg International Student Association (GISA) in order to organise international dinner for the exchange students.


It is a really cosy place with tables to eat and/or work, sofa to chill out, a kitchen with a microwave and furnitures to do tea and coffee and of course some restrooms.

Let’s continue to the School of Global Studies

The other side of the School of Global Studies

Ready to have a look inside this time ? Once again, the buildings are long corridors with classrooms.


A bit further, you can find the Department of Journalism and Mass Information and the University Library

The Journalism and Mass Information Department

The Department of Journalism and Mass Information is in this building with massive window. Let’s have a look inside…

It is a really bright place, offering a nice view of the buildings nearby. The place also contain an auditorium.

The University Library : Studietorget

Facing, the department of Journalism, you can find the University Library

The Student library is quite small – such as the whole campus finally – but is really welcoming with an area to study on a mezzanine on top of the book selves. A computer room is also in free access downstairs.

The library even contain some really old and amazing pieces.

 Other buildings

On the Campus you can find lot of other building, with researcher offices, seminar rooms… It is up to you to discover them =).


But Campus Linné is more than university buildings. It is a really nice campus with a lot of green areas to chill out, some nice art pieces and in spring lot of blossoming trees and bushes. You can also appreciate to be surrounded by some “Swedish styled” little houses.

Nearby Linneplasten you can also find Annedal Kyrkan, a really beautiful Church.
And a friendly slug is here to welcome you !

And if you were not totally convinced yet by the beauty of the place, I can assure you you can trust this picture from our blogger Mercè took during the spring :


Picture by Mercè
Well it is still beautiful in late spring/summer =)

What else around ? Slottskogen !!!

Slottskogen (Litt. Castle forest) – situated on the other side of Linnéplatsen – is a place you will quickly get to know. It is a huge and beautiful park with zoo, beach volley field, green areas, hidden observation towers, Frisbee fields… It is also one of the place where all the Swedish and international people gather to have BBQ and sunbath during the summer.

Future Student in Campus Linné, you are pretty lucky to be so close to this amazing park.

And as I would need a whole article to describe Slottskogen, I will just let you with a couple of pictures. For the rest, you are free to discover it by yourself.


And see you soon in campus Linné =). Emy


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