The ‘Jaha! bulletin’ #6

The ‘Jaha! bulletin’ are posts that talk about the Swedification process that we all experience from living in Sweden (you can take a look at the previous ones here).

Today I am going to talk about a really difficult one, but also really important to become a real Swede.

Liking lingonberry jam!


I still remember my firsts days here, when you want to do the typical Swedish things, and what is more typical than eating meatballs? But then it is served with a sauce that looks red, and your mind, because of memories of other kinds of jams, it immediately relates that sauce to sweet flavour. What is the surprise? It is actually bitter!

It is impossible to like it at first, all the international students were putting the sauce aside or giving it to the Swedish friends.

After one year and a half I can proudly say that now I love it!

You just need to taste a bit every time that you eat meatballs, and everyday you start putting more, and more… And then you love it! 😀

A bit about the lingonberries:

Their scientific name is Vaccinium vitis-idaea, and they grow in small plants (no more than 20 cm tall). They are found in all the north of Europe and some mountains in the south. It is a key ingredient of the Scandinavian meals.

Why eat it? It contains vitamin A, C and B, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, also plenty of organic acids.

Picture from Wikipedia.

And you? Have you manage to get this step of Swedification? 😉

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